Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings December, 2017 Theme: Are You – IoT Ready? #RUIoTReady

In his December edition of Automated Buildings, owner and editor, Ken Sinclair rewards his readers with the industry’s most current and comprehensive glossary of IoT related terms, definitions, concepts, and related articles (complete with hyperlinks for further exploration).

Additionally, Ken writes with unique insight to his December theme #RUIoTReady and then asks a few rather rhetoric questions: What is IoT? Why should I care? What does “Ready” mean? Do not overwhelm yourself with worry, because Ken clearly states the moral of his December theme editorial: “As an industry, we need to stop the waste of time in this creation of them and us, we are all in this together, it is not a war, it is a love-in “for Human-Centric Solutions.”” Read Ken’s complete editorial.

More Great December Articles and Interviews:

A Perspective on the IoT for Buildings, John Petze, SkyFoundry

What IoT Really Means, David Fisher, PolarSoft Inc.

Smart Campus IoT Success Strategies, Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Four questions to ask, Chip Cummins, Controlco

Data Management Planning, Marc Petock, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Gateway to Accessibility, Michael Morscher, Daniel McCormack, BluCloud

Mobile Apps Open New Frontiers, Hector Hernandez, CUBE-USA

MSI Compilation Interview Summary, Kristina Reid, Cochrane Supply & Engineering

MSIs and SIs, Shayne Taker, Optigo Networks

Where Is Wi-Fi Heading? Cees Links, Qorvo

The 4 Types of Data, James McHale, Memoori

The Wellbeing Dashboard, David Eves, amBX

The Internet of Systems, Jim Sinopoli, Smart Buildings LLC

New Education Session @AHRExpo, Phil Zito, Building Automation Monthly

December Interviews:

“Open Source Finally Arrives” Brad White and SES Team

Making a Truly Open Controller, George Thomas

Anka Labs A new company, Anto Budiardjo

Master Systems Integrators (MSI), Scott Cochrane, Jason Houck

Digitize or Die: Nicolas Windpassinger

2017 ControlTrends Awards Celebration, Ken Smyers


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