Kevin Smith, CTO of Tridium, talks Cyber-threat Trends and Cyber-security Awareness! Harden Your Smart Building Against Cyber Threats

Niagara Framework — Your Head Start on the Journey to Cybersecurity. There are now more devices that connect to building control systems than the last generation of building engineers could have ever imagined — more consumer- and occupant-owned mobile devices, more enterprise software systems, and more IP-enabled edge devices. Now, you can connect more things together to build a great occupant experience.

Systems integrators from the buildings industry and beyond have converged on Tridium’s Niagara® Framework as the flexible, easy, open way to connect, control, and monitor any device, regardless of manufacturer. Niagara is ‘future proof’ in that a Niagara driver for any targeted device can be easily written, and the large Niagara Community is contributing new drivers every day.

While the possibilities for connecting things seem limitless to innovators right now, to cyber criminals the growth in connected buildings presents itself as a new, larger landscape to threaten and exploit. Knowing this, Tridium has made significant investments in cybersecurity processes and has hardened Niagara hardware and software to the greatest extent possible. The Niagara Framework® Defense-in-Depth approach includes:

• Secure configurations by default
• Integration with any PKI infrastructure, LDAP directories, Kerberos
• Out-of-the-box encrypted communications
• Encrypted storage of sensitive information at rest
• Digitally-signed code validated at run-time for malware protection
• And much more.

It is every software developer’s and product manufacturer’s responsibility to bake cyber protections into its offerings. But, cybersecurity is a journey, and Tridium is on this journey with its customers and business partners. Integrators have the responsibility to configure these products in a secure manner using best practices. And owners also need to make sure that systems are evaluated, monitored, and updated. We all play a role together.


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