Ken’s TOP 5 HVAC Product Pivot Points of Week 1

OX 5 1. ITRON (Feature Photo: In 1872, Chamon and Nicolas join forces and begin producing gas meters in France) Itron is a trusted partner to the global utility industry—and through acquisitions and mergers, has been for over 100 years. Itron’s innovation has transformed the way utilities manage their resources, streamline operations and serve their customers. Today, by combining high-end metering, advanced communications, innovative software tools and consulting expertise, Itron is uniquely positioned to help utilities, businesses and consumers meet the significant challenges we face in managing our energy and water resources. Source: Itron History

RobertshawPneuPatent2. BIMETALLICALLY CONTROLLED PNEUMATIC THERMOSTAT Filed Aug. 11, 1964 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 INVENTOR Arthur LGood ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,302,879 BIMETALLICALLY CGNTROLLED PNEUMATIC THERMUSTAT Arthur L. Good, Elkhart, Ind, assignor to Robertshaw Controls Company, Richmond, Va., a corporation of Delaware Filed Aug. 11, 1964, Ser. No. 388,823 11 Claims. (Cl. 236-82) This invention relates to pneumatic thermostats and more particularly to bimetallically controlled pnuematic thermostats. Source:

Visit the Itron History Site to view their historic growth and their many inventions.

1883_frager3. 1883: Frager develops a volumetric water meter, featuring greater accuracy over its speed-based counterparts. Because of the rising cost of water in the end of the century, the meter, produced by the Compagnie des Compteurs in 1888, is a success for more than 40 years. Source: Itron History

1895_gascoinmeter4. 1895: A prepayment gas coin meter is developed, patented and sold in France and the Benelux countries. Source: Itron History

1901_act15. 1901: The ACT1 electricity meter debuts to the French market. Until the 1980s, all electricity meters produced are based on its electromechanical principle. Source: Itron History


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