People Make Good Sensors! Building Robotics Software Layer Incorporates Occupants as Sensors for the Building.

ControlTrends thanks’s Ken Sinclair (once again) for helping to keep the ControlTrends community on top of the latest technology and software likely to make the next impact in our industry.

Lindsay Baker, VP for Research and Marketing at Building Robotics, Inc introduces the Building Robotics, Inc software company, which is a venture-backed startup, working on radically new approaches to the software that runs buildings. We’ve started off with a piece of software called Comfy, which is the world’s first intelligent software for personalized control in the workplace. A lot of people think of it as a ‘Nest’ for commercial buildings- there are some similarities there. Essentially, we’ve carefully designed a way for occupants to have a real, satisfying, efficient relationship with the heating and cooling in their workplace.

Comfy is a piece of cloud software that plugs into existing Building Management Systems, which we do via BACnet. We’re very focused on making these connections clean and simple, which has been a chronic problem for the BMS world up to this point. In fact, in terms of what we’ve spent our development time on, Comfy is almost the icing on the cake- most of our work has gone into the underlying architecture to tie into these software systems, making everything perform cleanly and reliably.


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