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WEBsSquad From: Honeywell Building Control Systems

At the beginning of the year we launched WEBs Squad™ – a team focused on improving our customer’s overall experience and driving continuous improvements with technical support, engineering, and marketing. Since the launch of WEBs Squad we’ve been able to achieve an overall customer satisfaction rating of greater than 95% and have received outstanding unsolicited positive feedback.

Many of you are aware that Laura Kevitt was the mastermind behind the creation and success of WEBs Squad. Now that WEBs Squad is fully staffed and operates daily with high quality service standards, Laura Kevitt has moved on to a new role in the sales organization managing national accounts that implement integrated solutions for building controls, access control, security, and video surveillance.

To backfill Laura, we are pleased to announce that Arnie Meyer has been named Customer Service Manager for the WEBs Squad technical support team, effective Monday, August 29. In this role, Arnie will continue to have overall responsibility for all technical support operations, which includes Residential Technical Support, Aube, and the Commercial Field Device Support teams. Arnie has more than 15 years of experience with the Technical Support Team

Please congratulate both Laura Kevitt and Arnie Meyer as they transition to their new roles.

WEBs Squad Contact Information
•Telephone: 1-888-235-6048


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