The Other Robots are Coming — But the SPIN Robot (Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping) is Already Here!

SPINThe SPIN Robot services are available NOW. Contact Sharad Oberoi and Team Sanborn for more information. The Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) is a semi-autonomous mobile robotic platform designed exclusively for indoor mapping applications. By utilizing the recent advances made in a variety of 3D technologies including laser scanning, photogrammetry and computer vision, and the state-of-the-art approaches used in robotics, SPIN is a leap forward in accurately mapping the building interiors. SPIN is a compact, easy-to-operate and self-navigating system which generates pre-registered spatial data almost in real-time. Sanborn also provides geospatial products, location based services, and solutions to clients in the business, engineering, government, natural resources, telecommunications, and utilities sectors.


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