Water Whistleblower APP — Meet EveryDrop – A Water Conservation Platform. Light Litter is Next!

We are still wondering how long it will take for Light Litter to become a serious matter of national importance, and by what means could we begin to remedy it — not only because it’s a terrible waste of energy and money (tax money, mostly), but also because it’s completely fixable. Public patience with wasting water, at least in LA, has expired and led to the first known APP to blow the whistle on water abusers. The negative idea of blowing the whistle on thy neighbor is another one of those duller-edge sides of the sword that results from trying to fix collective apathy. Hopefully, a similar APP will soon emerge for Light Litter that will lead to the reporting of public lights left on during daylight hours, particularly, airport and municipal parking area lights and the miles and miles of state highways and local roadways with lighting left on in bright and broad daylight because of a faulty time clock or defective sensor. Control over lighting is very doable. Back to the EveryDrop story from mother nature network and Matt Hickman, Design devotee that blogs about cities, innovation, architecture and green buildings. Read more:

Meet EveryDrop – A Water Conservation Platform from CitySourced on Vimeo.

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Being located in Southern California, however, has its challenges. By enabling the EveryDrop platform, cities and counties can put the power of the crowd to work for them. Water waste can be identified quickly, allowing conservation of every drop possible. By using our platform, in conjunction with Esri’s GIS technology, the power of big data comes alive. Water waste can now be isolated, quantified and studied. Education is tantamount in the effort to conserve water, and with the help of EveryDrop it’s easier than ever. We have an obligation to be good stewards of our planet’s resources, and EveryDrop helps in accomplishing that goal.


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