CoRE Tech 2014 @ Sprint Campus & OPCC, Overland Park, KS — November 10-11

coretech923_2014CoRE Tech 2014 is a unique gathering of the world’s most proactive, visionary corporate real estate executives who’ve elected to come together to focus on innovative automation and technology strategies. Day 1 of the 2-day event will be held on the Sprint Corporate HQ Campus. Day 2 will be held at the nearby Overland Park Convention Center.

Watch this 3 minute video to see how CoRE Tech will give you an opportunity to collaborate with other industry professionals and to explore how Innovation, Technology and Automation are changing the way we operate and use corporate real estate and facilities.

Embracing Change : REThink | Innovate | Transform

Over the last decade, technological advancements have (1) reduced the need for traditional office space, (2) radically transformed CRE information management strategies and (3) introduced a new era of smart buildings and campuses. At the heart of this change is the ubiquity of high-speed Internet access, mobile technologies and cloud-based collaboration tools.

While these technological innovations have been happening gradually during this time, a significant increase in momentum has been seen in the last 12-18 months. This infographic illustrates the ongoing process.

Corporate real estate transformation begins with a business process requiring improvement, which is the BUSINESS DRIVER (motivation). We then move onto INNOVATION (the idea) where we aggregate the TECHNOLOGY (the tools) and finally the AUTOMATION of the process (the result).
The automation that results impacts three major areas of corporate real estate and facilities, 1) how we use space, 2) the information systems used to manage real estate and facility processes and 3) the smart, connected, high-performance building and campus.

Corporate America and corporations around the world have begun to fully embrace the benefits of how innovation, technology and automation can significantly transform how we use and operate buildings. The three most obvious business benefits include:

Significant reduction in energy usage
Significant reduction in operating costs
Creation of an engaging, safe and productive work environment

Sprint to Host CoRE Tech 2014: Sprint, a longtime pioneer in the mobility industry, along with several of their partners, have developed a series of mobile technology offerings designed specifically for the CRE and facilities environment. They will be the host of this year’s CoRE Tech conference, giving attendees a unique opportunity to tour their corporate campus and explore their Innovation Program focused on solving real estate problems using mobile and other leading-edge technologies.

A few of the many mobile-based solutions to be showcased at the campus are: Auto & Bike Fleet Management Tracking, Wireless Lighting Controls, Wireless Sensors, Mobile Data Collection, Automated Waste & Recycling Management, Wireless Water & Leak Detection, 3G/4G Remote Surveillance, Fire Extinguisher Monitoring, and many more.

Technology, automation and innovation are at the center of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities!

The CoRE Tech education program will focus on the issues facing corporate real estate, facility, sustainability and energy executives and explore the technology tools available that can positively impact the bottom line of their companies – from automating business processes, to general technology solutions specifically for corporate real estate organizations, to smarter “green” intelligent building technologies.

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