Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 39

Ken's-Logo.0051. Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Inaugural Conference November 5-7, 2013, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The SGIP Inaugural Conference brings together global stakeholders from across the energy ecosystems to discuss and share best practices for harmonizing technical standards that critically impact, enhance, and accelerate the deployment of a smarter grid.

2. Big Security for Big Data. In order to meet the current security problems faced by organizations, a new paradigm shift needs to occur. Businesses need the ability to secure data, collect it, and aggregate into an intelligent format, so that real-time alerting and reporting can take place. The first step is to establish complete visibility so that your data and who accesses the data can be monitored. Next, you need to understand the context, so that you can focus on the valued assets, which are critical to your business. Finally, utilize the intelligence gathered so that you can harden your attack surface and stop attacks before the data is exfiltrated. So, how do we get started? Read this white paper to learn more.

3.CoRE Tech 2013 Announces Microsoft Smart Campus and Bullitt Center Tours! CoRE Tech is pleased to announce two pre-conference tours — the Microsoft Smart Campus and the Bullitt Center tours. These tours will highlight some of the most progressive smart building implementations in the world! Microsoft Smart Campus Tour. Don’t miss this chance to tour one of the most progressive corporate facilities in the world! The Microsoft Smart Campus Tour will showcase how Microsoft is operationalizing their smart building deployment. Visit the Smart Campus Operations Center, Intelligent Building R&D Lab, “Commons” area, Workplace Advantage program, as well as several other examples of progressive and innovative technology best practices.

DOE4. Register Now! State and Local Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning Policy Webinar. Tuesday, October 29, 3:00–4:00 p.m. ET. EEA State and Local Policy. Advanced registration is required. Commercial buildings account for roughly 20% of total energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Energy audits and retro-commissioning are two strategies that can help building owners cost-effectively manage building energy performance and reduce energy consumption and related costs.

5. Security Info Watch: IQinVision develops first security apps for Google Glass. Although many people have expressed concerns over the potential privacy risks posed by Google Glass, a wearable computer display recently unveiled by the tech giant, video surveillance firm IQinVision announced this week at ASIS that it has already begun work on what will be among the first security apps for the highly-anticipated consumer gadget. According to Wendi Burke, the company’s director of marketing, the apps currently under development will focus on two areas; easing the video installation process for integrators and giving security personnel yet another tool to remotely tap into and view surveillance footage.


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