Great Customer Service Starts with Paying Attention

Every time we have a customer interaction, the opportunity to make a lasting impression and create a lifelong, loyal customer is presented. I recently had this experience
in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the way to my wedding. Upon arriving at the Albuquerque airport, I remembered I had forgotten to reserve a rental car. Since my bride and I were planning to take a couple of days vacation after the wedding, obtaining a rental car was imperative. I hoped to rent a nice vehicle and impress my bride; however, I arrived late in the day and my choices were limited. While wishing me good luck, the friendly Hertz agent explained that the best they could offer me was an economy car. I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to rent a nicer car, but it was my own fault for waiting until the last minute. As I was walking out of the door to the car, I heard a voice, “Sir, stop. Let me see what else I can offer you.” The voice belonged to Bernard Doo-Kingue, the service manager at Hertz Rental Car Albuquerque. Bernard then led me to my upgraded rental car, a Mercedes SUV! Because Bernard was paying attention and took the extra initiative to make sure I was satisfied, he created a wonderful experience for my bride and me. For assisting me at such a pivotal moment in my life, I will never forget Bernard and the excellent customer service I received at Hertz. Thanks again, Bernard! My bride was blown away by the car and I by Bernard’s initiative to go the extra mile for my special day.


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