You Can't Predict Talent; Foster It

Some entrepreneurs gave no sign that one day they would be their own boss so how can you tell if you have picked the next BIG extension of yourself and business?  Based on Margaret Heffman a serial CEO out of Texas with businesses like InfoMation Corporation, Zinezone Corporation and iCAST Corporation.  The conditions she uses are easy, only four major core conditions she instills in her company culture that keep her cranking out some of the most productive talent.

So what were those conditions?

An open atmosphere. Every team we have ever run has been highly democratic. Any good idea gets attention. Ideas didn’t have to fight their way through a structure. They could be blurted out.

Extravagant diversity.  Our youngest employee was eighteen and our oldest was 68. They’d worked in different countries, states and industries. Some demonstrated enormous emotional intelligence; some had virtually none.

Time didn’t matter.  Time frame wasn’t as much a priority as much as their productivity.  Individuals figured out what worked for them, and for their families—and that worked for the business. Too many companies seem to feel they have to fight for priority over family life and in that jealous feud, vast amounts of energy and workplace enjoyment are dissolved.

Stretch goals were just the start. Almost everything the company faced was difficult. We liked big challenges and cheered anyone who met them.

Doing great work and thinking outside the box is hard, that’s why great people love it.

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Here is a great idea for all business owners and hiring managers, build the atmosphere that promotes professional growth and you will go far, great people like a challenge and want to continue being the expert in their field.





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