Optergy’s New Application Overview Document. Download Optergy Enterprise and Proton Specification Guides!

APPLICATIONS OVERVIEW: A well tuned building should require minimal day to day intervention. Any intervention necessary should be accessible on your tablet or smartphone.

Imagine receiving only critical contextual alerts instead of noise, view data for analysis, receive automated energy reports, monitor and control equipment and even be able to message occupants for upcoming maintenance or events. Imagine being able to give control back to users over their space or recovering after hours HVAC usage or utility costs from tenants….Now you are starting to scratch the surface of a SMART Building.

Have you ever tried to figure out what’s in a product when making Smart Building specifying or buying decisions?

Optergy has 50+ applications to engineer/commission/operate a Smart Building. The Optergy applications overview document shows real examples of what can be applied to your specific building. View the document below and navigate the menu to see areas of interest. Download a copy (.pdf) or share the link.

For even more detail, be sure to download the Optergy guide specifications which can be downloaded here:

–Big Buildings

–Small Buildings


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