VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3 Update Now Available

Updated Niagara AX 3.8 platform will support VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3u1

Dear valued VYKON Partner, We have released a VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3 update, along with an updated Niagara AX 3.8 platform (3.8u2) that supports this release.

VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3u1 is a best-in-class access control and security system that goes beyond access control for total integration. Customers can use VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3u1 to centralize operations and unify the building ecosystem, while protecting everything inside.

Key advantages include:

* JACE® 8000 licensing options, offering a single hardware platform for all building systems
* LDAP/Active Directory database integration
* Database integration API for centralized management of logical and physical access
* Easy Lobby® visitor management
* And more (click for features overview)

Our comprehensive set of literature, including a newly updated JACE 8000 data sheet with ordering information for VYKON Enterprise Security on the JACE 8000, provides additional product detail.

Click to download the application data sheet

Click to download the enclosures data sheet

Click to download the field hardware data sheet

Click to download the pocket folder (brochure)

Click to download the newly updated JACE 8000 data sheet

Niagara AX 3.8u2 has been released with VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3u1. This update resolves issues both with Windows 10 service pack updates changing Host IDs and server modifications made by the National Weather Service, and addresses defects with the Java Applet.

We look forward to you benefiting from these exciting new releases!


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