CoRE Tech 2019 Hits 10th Anniversary Milestone – Conference Highlights

The conference featured over 60 speakers; a very carefully curated Vendor Expo; an interactive Best Practice Case Study Showcase featuring projects from Intel, United Therapeutics, Warner Media, Coca Cola, McDonald’s and more; an AR/VR Demo Lab; a Flex Space Business Lounge prototype; and eight onsite RE Tech Innovation Tours to some of Silicon Valley’s most interesting and innovative corporate facilities.

CoRE Tech was created ten years ago for a very specific purpose: to bring senior level Corporate Real Estate and Facilities professionals together to talk about technology, automation and innovation in a condensed, comprehensive and interrelated way. The three primary categories focused on were: 1) information management, 2) smart, connected buildings and 3) next generation space.

While seemingly independent topics, each and every year, the importance of integration, interoperability and the need for a strategic plan brings these three categories closer together.

The following is a summary of the many takeaways from CoRE Tech 2019!


  • DIGITAL EXPERIENCES are at the Forefront of Transformational Smart Campus Projects of the Future – Ford and Microsoft are Leading the Way

  • From a Centralized Operations Center to CRE Tech Innovation Lab – GOOGLE is One of the Leaders of Innovation in the Corporate Real Estate Industry

  • The SMART BUILDING JOURNEY Continues – Real Case Studies are Increasing and Demonstrate Innovation at Scale

  • VALUE ENGINEERING Continues to Impede Smart Building Projects – SMART READY Depends on Our Rethinking the Design-Build Process

  • PROJECT LEADERSHIP CHURN is Disrupting Digital Transformation – Change of Leadership Impacts the Ability to Execute Consistently

  • The TECH SKILLS SHORTAGE is Constraining Smart Campus Innovation – Although Modern, Amenity-Rich Workplaces Often Serve as a Value Proposition for ATTRACTING TALENT

  • Digital Workplace Experience Enabled by a Tap on the Phone – With Professional and Personal Lives Increasingly Blending, the Appetite for WORKPLACE APPS Grows

  • From Private Tech-Enabled Privacy Pods that Create Additional Meeting Areas in the Lobby or Any Other Open Space to Leasing Coworking Space for Remote Employees – FLEXSPACE Continues to Play a Major Role in a Corporate Real Estate Strategy

  • ADVANCED GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES are Enjoying Wider Adoption in the Corporate Real Estate Industry – AI, AR/VR and Autonomous Case Studies are Emerging

  • Visual Immersive Experiences Designed to Educate, Inform and Inspire – LED VIDEO WALLS are Transforming Interiors and Exteriors

  • Indoor Maps Get an Upgrade – MOBILE ENABLED SMART ROUTING to Navigate Buildings and Real-Time Location Tracking Including Applications Such as Efficient Worker Management and Connecting Workers Based on Proximity are Entering the Campus

  • Making Sense, Comprehend, Act and Learn – The Potential of AI and Its Ability to Interpret Information will Transform Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management Processes

  • The Contextual Model of an Entire Smart Building Environment is Emerging – DIGITAL TWINS Visualize How People and Processes Interact in the Built Environment

  • Next Generation Wireless is On the Horizon – 5G, CBRS, WI-FI 6 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Will Revolutionize How We Use IoT Devices and In-Building Communications

  • CHINA’S TECHNOLOGY PROWESS – Conversations Regarding Potential Ramifications and Implications are Starting to Emerge

  • Convenience & Efficiency vs. Surveillance – Facial Recognition and Tracking Sensors in Highly Connected Buildings are Raising PRIVACY Concerns

  • CYBERSECURITY Concerns are Impacting the Smart Building Conversation – To Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats, All Stakeholders Need to Engage in a Continuous Dialogue

  • The PROPTECH LANDSCAPE Remains Confusing – Too Many PropTech Companies Have Entered the Marketplace, Often with Limited Understanding of the Industry and Its Complicated Processes

  • Experiencing Tech Innovation First-Hand – CoRE Tech’s Silicon Valley Next-Gen CRE and Facility TOURS Took Attendees “Behind the Scenes” of Some of the Most Innovative Campuses and Served as an Exciting Learning Adjunct

  • Featuring Leading Edge Technology, Integration and Connectivity – CoRE Tech’s SMART BUILDING SHOWCASE of the Most Innovative Corporate Buildings and Campuses Emphasized the Importance of Fully Utilizing a Company-Wide Strategy, Big Data and an Ecosystem of Partners

  • Asking the Right Questions to Address Corporate Real Estate Pain Points – The CoRE Tech VENDOR COMMUNITY IS ENGAGING with the Industry to Learn About Issues and Provide Relevant Solutions

  • Leveraging the Community’s Experience and Knowledge – CoRE Tech’s DEDICATED CORPORATE REAL ESTATE EXECUTIVES Share Successes and Failures with Peers to Advance the Industry



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