This is Your 2017 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Voting Ballot!

This is Your 2017 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Voting Ballot! You can only vote once, but feel free to send the 2017 ControlTrends Awards Voting Link to your community for them to vote as well. Your name and email provide additional safeguards to assure the voting is fair, and to make sure you are emailed links to future ControlTrends Awards events.

ControlTrends is excited to announce the celebration of our sixth annual ControlTrends Awards — this year in Chicago, Sunday, January 21, 2018, at the Hard Rock Café located at 93 W. Ontario Street from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The Chicago Hard Rock Café nightclub style of venue is well suited for this year’s theme. It’s going to another great night of industry superstars, excitement, entertainment, and networking. Reach out to our sponsors to get your ticket to the event. Blue Ridge Technologies and EasyIO will be hosting a VIP Event prior to the show from 5:00 PM till the start of the show.

Here are the 2017 ControlTrends Awards Finalists:

2017 Building Automation VAV Controller of the Year Manufacturer or Product
EasyIO FW-08V
Honeywell Stryker
Honeywell Spyder
Siemens DXR Controller
Johnson Controls
Schneider Electric MNB-V2
Alerton VAV-SD
Distech Controls ECLYPSE VAV

2017 Building Automation Plant/Equipment Controller of the Year
Johnson Controls FX-PCG
EasyIO FS-32
Lynxspring JENEsysONE
Alerton Ascent Control Module ACM
Siemens Talon TC36-EF.T
Optergy, Proton
Distech Controls ECLYPSE System Controller
Schneider Electric AS-B Plant Controller
Tridium JACE-8000
Vykon JEC-834

2017 Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year
SkySpark by SkyFoundry
Belimo Energy Valve
BlueRidge Technologies Lighting Control
JCI VSD Active Energy
PlantPRO® – Plant Optimisation,Conserve It
Schneider Electric, Building Insights
Acuity Brands DGLux5/Distech Controls ENVYSION

2017 Peripheral Product of the Year
Contemporary Controls
BASSG Edge Controller
EasyIO FT-04
Functional Devices
Belimo Sensors
Blueridge Technologies Modular I/O
Alerton MS-4
Distech Controls SmartVue Communication Sensor
Schneider Electric SE8000 series with embedded CO2 sensor, humidity, PIR, Shelter in Place messaging
KMC 5551 Router

2017 Wireless Product/Solution of the Year
EasyIO FW- Series
Honeywell RedLINK
Lynxspring Cell Router
Blue Ridge Technologies Aperio® Open Control Platform
Alerton WTS
Distech Controls ECLYPSE Wi-Fi
Schneider Electric Multi Purpose Manager (MPM)
Johnson Controls ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus System

2017 Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year
Blue Ridge Technologies
Johnson Controls IAC
Control Network Solution, elitedali™
Siemens Total Room Automation
Distech Controls ECLYPSE nLight module
Schneider Electric G4 Powerlink
Acuity Brands

2017 Race to the Small Space Solution of the Year
EasyIO FW-series
Johnson Controls Verasys
KMC Commander
Distech Controls ECY 303 Connected Equipment Controller
Schneider Electric SmartStruxure Lite
Honeywell LCBS Connect (New Cloud System)
Lynxspring Edge 100
Proton, Optergy

2017 Innovative Product of the Year
Lynxspring Edge 534
EasyIO FW-14
J2 Innovation FIN 4.0
Johnson Controls Verasys
Proton, Optergy
JACE 834
Distech Controls myDC AirBalancing App
Honeywell LCBS Connect
Schneider Building Insights
SkySpark Everywhere Distributed Architecture

2017 Building Automation Control System of the Year
Johnson Controls FX
Honeywell WEBs
Lynxspring JENEsys
KMC Controls
Niagara 4
Siemens Talon
Johnson Controls Metasys
Distech Controls ECLYPSE series
Schneider Smart Struxure
Optergy, Proton

2017 VFD Manufacturer/Product of the Year
Siemens BT300
Johnson Controls VSD Series
Honeywell Smart VFD
Schneider Electric Altivar

2017 HVAC, Building Automation, or IoT Solutions Trainer of the Year
Greg Carter, Acuity Brands
Pedro Jorge, EasyIO
Christy O’Neill, Blue Ridge Technologies
Phil Zito, Building Automation Monthly
Gerard Huff, J2 Innovations
Fred Ross, Siemens
Akos Horogh, Aurora Australis Ltd
Michael Benett, Distech Controls
Vernon Peterson, MOV
Matt Krueger, Schneider Electric
Ron Padilla, Johnson Controls
Brad Bonfiglio, Schneider Electric

2017 Best Technical Support Person — Large Manufacturer
John Franz, Johnson Controls
Silvia Price, Tridium
Sam Sharma, Distech Controls
Greg Holloway, Delta Controls
Jeff Lehman, Honeywell
Fred Ross, Siemens
Patrick Dumas, Schneider Electric
Martin Patel, Alerton Australia

2017 Best Technical Support Person — Small Manufacturer
Pedro Jorge, EasyIO
Chris Ryan, Lynxspring
Christy O’Neill, Blue Ridge Technologies
Marc Abdelahad, Optergy
Aaron Sanchez, J2 Innovations
Peter Leonard, Lynxspring
George Hingle, Computrols
Daniel Kerwin, Prolon Controls

2017 Best Technical Support Company — Large Manufacturer
KMC Controls
Johnson Controls
Delta Controls
Schneider Electric
Distech Controls

2017 Best Technical Support Company — Small Manufacturer
Contemporary Controls
Blue Ridge Technologies
J2 Innovations
Functional Devices

2017 The PID (Passion, Integrity, and Dedication) Award
Johan Schakenraad, EasyIO
David Witherspoon, Honeywell
Dan Flaherty, Distech Controls/Acuity Brands
Steve Guzelimian, Optergy
Barry Gordon, ACI
Jason Briggs, J2 Innovations
Marc Petock, Lynxspring
James Johnson, Tridium
Mike Sabinash, Schneider Electric
Greg Holloway, Delta Controls

2017 ControlTrends Executive of the Year — Small Manufacturer
Bill Dunkelberger, Blue Ridge Technologies
Johan Schakenraad, EasyIO
Anno Scholten, Connexx
Steven Guzelimian, Optergy
Jason Briggs, J2 Innovations
Drew Mire, Computrols
Brian Frank, SkyFoundry

2017 ControlTrends Executive of the Year — Large Manufacturer
Jenny Stenz, Johnson Controls
Jim Bland, Tridium
Jim Furlong, Belimo
Thurman Melson, Honeywell
Martin Villeneuve, Distech Controls/Acuity Brands
Richard Newberry, KMC
Laurent Bataille, Schneider Electric
John Katzmarsyk, Siemens

2017 ControlTrends Vendor of the Year — Large Manufacturer
Johnson Controls
KMC Controls
Distech Controls
Schneider Electric
Automated Logic Corporation

2017 ControlTrends Vendor of Year — Small Manufacturer
Blue Ridge Technologies
Contemporary Controls
Functional Devices

2017 ControlTrends Systems Integrator of the Year
Chesapeake Controls, VA
Precision Controls, Chicago
McKenney’s Inc, Atlanta, GA
Advanced Energy Management, Hawaii Energy Systems, AutoEnergy
OTI, Pleasant Hills, CA
Control Management, SC
SEI Group, Inc
HVAC Control Technology LLC
ControlWorks, Inc, Chino CA
Southern Building Controls Inc., New Zealand
BICT Engineering, Malaysia
HVAC Concepts, Fredrick County, MD
Airmaster Australia, Australia
Serv-All Mechanical Services LTD., AB, Canada

2017 ControlTrends Woman of the Year
Sarah Monteleone, Connect Air
Gina Elliott, Schneider Electric
Lindsay Baker, Comfy
Marnie Roll, Johnson Controls
Christy O’Neill, Blue Ridge Technologies
Monica Ferraro, Distech Controls
Deb Noller, Switch Automation
Amy Doran, Alerton
Peik See, BICT Engineering, Malaysia
Melissa Olson, Belimo
Diana Nardelli, Schneider Electric
Donna Hamilton, Siemens
Nicole Conklin, Cochrane Supply
Angie Jarvis, Functional Devices

2017 ControlTrends Most Impactful Marketing Collateral (Video, Product Rollout, etc…) of the Year
EasyIO, Changing the Rules Since the Year 2000,
Functional Devices,
EasyIO FW Series,
ESI CBRE Watch a day in the life of a smart building
Computrols Video: Computrols Design and Manufacturing Process –
J2 Innovations, Introducing FIN 4.0,
Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Security Expert video
Proton by Optergy
Johnson Controls Verasys,
Atrius, Internet of Us – Enable IoT for Business and People,
Schneider Electric Video: Helping Junior Achievement To Prepare Today’s Students To Lead Tomorrow’s World –
Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valve, Take Your Daughter to Work Day,
Siemens Ingenuity for Life Creates Perfect Places,
Siemens Launches Digitalization Hub in Singapore,
Distech Controls ECLYPSE controllers’ RESTful API
Who is ACI? The Story of Automation Components, Inc.,
The History of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.,
CEO Talks IoTium,

2017 IoT Smart Building Solution of the Year
SkySpark by SkyFoundry
EasyIO FW-14
Optergy, Proton
Universal Studios Volcano Bay by Distech Controls
KMC, Commander
Niagara 4
Schneider Electric, EcoStruxure Building Advisor
Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge 534
Blue Ridge Technologies
LCBS Connect, Honeywell
Johnson Controls Metasys
EasyIO FT-04
Johnson Controls Verasys
Distech, Acuity Brands

2017 Progressive Consulting Engineer of the Year (Demonstrated Industry Leadership in Advancing the Smart Building)
Donald L. Walker, Newcomb & Boyd
J. Christopher Larry, exp US Services
Brad White, SES Consulting,
Tony Kaczmarek, Kors Engineering
Brad Kult, HGA Architects and Engineers
John Hatcher, HMA Consulting
Chris Miller, P2S
Richard Reid, Arup, London, UK
David Murray, Operational Intelligence
Laurent Bernard, Barbanel (France)
James Burtch , Interactive Energy, LLC in Marion, OH
Fred Weinstein, Weinstein Taylor & Assoc, Toronto


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