Brian Turner, Controlco and Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply Receive 2013 ControlTrends Achievement Awards

Two of this year’s ControlTrends Achievement Awards went to Brain Turner, Controlco and Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply in consideration of their early leadership in making building automation systems a staple part of two-step distributor’s products and solutions portfolio. Controlco’s and Cochrane Supply’s early adoption of selling building automation systems provided much of the proof-of-concept that bridged the unknown and unproven distance between the manufacturers’ offerings and the distribution channel’s core competencies to sell and support building automation systems. Controlco and Cochrane have maintained their leadership roles offering the training support and 3rd party applications that continue to grow and sustain the distribution channels’s building automation network and capabilites.

Controlco Controlco delivers leading-edge automation and control solutions, products and services that improve business performance and peace-of-mind for commercial and industrial building operators. With state-of-the-art software and industry leading products as well as a full suite of value-added services, we offer total solutions for your energy management needs. Featured Product: DataEye: Using DataEye Reports can help your business analyze metrics across channels and markets, as well as reduce costs and increase effectiveness.

“Since 1958, we have completed successful implementations in energy monitoring, enterprise-wide energy dashboards and customized energy-saving strategies for hundreds of clients across the country. We actively participate in controls and integration projects of all sizes and we serve numerous vertical markets including k-12, higher education, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, water/waste water, data centers and commercial real estate. Many of these projects follow the LEED process in which we are an active participant.”

Cochrane Supply CochraneSupply Cochrane Supply & Engineering was founded in 1967 and is a leading Building Controls technology distributor representing 50 manufacturers including Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Tridium, and many more. The main focus of the company is to offer parts and systems with services to contractors in order to ensure a high quality installation or retro fit for the building owner. Cochrane Supply has developed new system capabilities including energy management, integrated web based building automation systems and a library of hundreds of pre-engineered solutions to meet the growing technology needs of the industry cost effectively. With five locations and over 30 employees, Cochrane Supply is your source for the latest and greatest in Building Automation Controls.


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