Honeywell Announces Smart Meter Certificat​ion

Arc_Buildings3 Honeywell is pleased to announce that several advanced energy meter products were certified by BACnet Testing Laboratory and LonWorks. These meters meet or exceed equipment interoperability guidelines for integration with popular building automation systems.Honeywell 180x120

Metering devices that were certified by these independent labs include Honeywell’s advanced Class 3200 and 5000 Meters, Green Class Net Meters and Interval Data Recorders. These products are designed for a variety of energy monitoring applications, including integrating facility electrical equipment with widely used building automation system protocols for seamless access to electrical measurement date including energy, voltage, power and current.

About Certification

Honeywell’s advanced metering products were tested by independent labs and certified for listing with:
•BACnet BTL – an independent BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) certifies that the aforementioned Honeywell products have passed a series of rigorous tests that verified correct implementation of the BACnet features claimed in the listing. The BTL mark is becoming an increasingly common job-bidding requirement in today’s sustainable facility environment.
•LonWorks – the LonMark symbol certifies that tested devices meet compatibility and interoperability requirements for LonWorks which, along with BACnet, is one of the two leading building automation system protocols in the U.S.

For automation and control system designers, these certifications offer the confidence that Honeywell metering products are fully compliant with BTL’s demanding performance standards and the LonMark assures them of integration with back-end building management systems.

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