DOE Invests $14 Million to Increase Efficiency of Nation’s Homes and Small to Medium Commercial Buildings

BetterBuildings1As part of the Administration’s effort to cut energy waste in the nation’s buildings and double energy productivity by 2030, the Energy Department today announced $14 million to dramatically increase the efficiency of our nation’s homes and buildings.

Through the Commercial Buildings Integration program, the Energy Department will make six awards for up to $8.4 million to nationally scale-up replicable, energy-efficient solutions for small and medium office buildings, apartments, stores, restaurants, and businesses. Under its Building America program, the Energy Department will make eight awards for up to $5.5 million for industry partners to create healthier, more comfortable homes that will save homeowners money on their utility bills.

The Commercial Buildings Integration program engages market leaders to accelerate adoption of energy saving technologies and practices by the commercial buildings market and support development of new, integrated program models for building retrofit. CBI relies on these partners to test and refine resources, conduct real-world demonstrations, and facilitate the deployment of solutions to the market through peer sharing and exchange. DOE also recognizes business leaders nationally for their progress and success. Our six central partnership activities are the Better Buildings Challenge, Better Buildings Alliance, Better Buildings Accelerators, the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network, the Penn State Consortium for Building Energy Innovation, and competitively-selected Cooperative Agreements projects.


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