This is how a Venturi works

This video from our friends at E & H does a great job of showing how to create differential pressure to measure flow


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  1. I am trying to make something similar to a venturi but it has to be passive to suck smoke out of the interior of a car when it is in motion.
    My idea is sort of centred round a venturi principle and I would mount it in a baffle that would be squeezed into a rear window by winding the window down a short way, insert the baffle and wind the window up.
    When moving the idea is that low pressure across the outside end of a pipe would encourage cigarette smoke to be drawn out of the tube and exhausted into the outside air.
    My wife smoke and we have a second job that requires us both to be in the car for longish periods and it is killing my sinuses!
    Would it be sufficient to mount a tube in my baffle that is squared cut at the end or should it be shaped and should my tube be tapered in any way?

  2. Tell your wife to quit smoking. She’s killing both of you and spending a lot of money in the process. If I were dating someone, smoking would be a deal-breaker.

  3. I am trying to measure pressure difference at exhaust of domestic gas geyser. For this I have to use venturi effect. Now I dont know how to mount the apparatus along with a mano meter to measure. can you help in this regard?

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