Lynxspring Go Further: Important NTCP Training Update, Niagara 4 Bridge Course Update

lynxspring_logoTraining and knowledge exchange is very important at Lynxspring. We are committed to making each of you as effective as possible with our technologies and products so we can enable you to achieve the very best technical knowledge and expertise you can.

With this in mind, I would like to remind you of our upcoming scheduled NTCP Niagara AX Technical Certification Classes (see schedule below). The goal of this 5-day Niagara AX Certification Technical Training course is to educate students to a basic level of technical expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program projects using the NiagaraAX Framework.

Niagara 4 Training

Niagara 4 will require a separate certification. This certification will be offered through a full, one week Niagara 4 NTCP course available with the launch of the product here at our training facility as well as through an available CBT- on-line bridge course open to anyone who is NiagaraAX certified at the time of the release of Niagara 4. This will also be offered through Lynxspring.

We recognize that time is money and the CBT is designed to save you both. Partners who are NiagaraAX certified can take advantage of the reduced course cost and capitalize on the time saved by allowing you to take the training when it best fits your schedule and at your own pace.

The availability date and cost for this CBT have not yet been finalized. We will make an announcement as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please note the remaining Scheduled Course Dates for NTCP – Niagara AX Technical Certification below as well as the additional FAQ’s regarding Niagara 4.

May 11-15
June 15-19
July 13 – 17
August 17 – 21
September 14 – 18
October 5 – 9
November 9 – 13
December 7 – 11


What is the Niagara 4 Bridge Course?
The Niagara 4 Bridge Course is a self-paced e-learning course highlighting new features in Niagara 4. The course consists of several modules that provide multiple methods for learning such as expert videos, demonstrations, simulations, and technical documentation. The student will take a mini exam at the end of each module to qualify to be Niagara 4 certified.

Why do I need a new NTCP certification if I am already NiagaraAX certified?
Tridium has announced that NiagaraAX certification is a separate credential than Niagara 4 certification, and users who wish to be certified must be trained on Niagara 4 even if they are already certified for NiagaraAX.

What is the benefit of taking this bridge course instead of the full 1 week certification?
The student can choose to use the content style which suits their learning best and allows them to take the training when it best fits their schedule and complete the training at their own pace. This CBT eliminates the need for the student to travel, thereby eliminating any associated traveling costs and employee

When will eligibility for the Niagara 4 bridge course be cut-off? When must I be NiagaraAX certified by?
Tridium has not announced the final date for which NiagaraAX certification will be accepted for Niagara 4 Bridge course eligibility. The only announcement to date has been that at launch, the Niagara 4 Bridge course will be available for those who are already NiagaraAX certified. The upcoming NiagaraAX NTCP courses at Lynxspring will definitely qualify based on Tridium’s announced launch window is: May 11-15 2015, June 7-13 2015 and July 12-18 2015. We also have multiple openings available on the calendar this summer for offsite courses if desired. We will provide further guidance when announced by Tridium.

I am already AX certified, when can I register for the Niagara 4 bridge course and begin my certification?
The bridge course is in its final testing stages and is expected to be ready no later than the launch of Niagara 4. Lynxspring is working closely with Tridium and we will update you as soon as the course is officially open for enrollment.

Please contact our training team if you have any questions.
Toll free: 877-649-5969 | E-mail:

Thank you,

Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing
Lynxspring, Inc. | Phone: 877-649-5969


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