SMART BUILDING INTEGRATOR SUMMIT (SBIS) Pre-Con Starts Today at 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm | Nashville Music City Center

Celebrating 21 years of extraordinary success, Team Realcomm has done it again.  Through unparalleled networking, relentless initiative and innovation, and sheer professional horse power, Jim Young, Howard Berger, Lisa Woods, and Team Realcomm have generated THE  Number One Intelligent Buildings Conference in the world.

Stake-holders, new and old, from every considerable aspect of the intelligent building equation — are gathered here in Nashville, TN, which is the present epicenter of the world’s leading building technologies, to make Smart, Connected, High Performance, Intelligent Buildings a reality.  Stay tuned for more ControlTrends coverage. 

June 12 | 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm | Nashville Music City Center

To begin automating a building, all roads lead to a systems integrator. In most cases, the integrator is the organization that will align industry solutions with the goals and objectives of the client. The single building, single vendor solution can no longer meet the needs of the market. In a world where IT is quickly encroaching on traditional building automation, yesterday’s strategies no longer work.

Today, we are managing three different generations of smart building technologies: 1) Past (closed, proprietary, single system); 2) Current (open and attempting to retrieve data and functionality of the older, more closed systems); and 3) Future (IP-enabled, intuitive GUIs, analytics, edge devices pumping data directly to the cloud). But all these new developments require more involvement with IT technologies.

This half-day Summit and workshop will be open to system integrators and consultants from Building Automation, HVAC, IT, AV, Multimedia, Digital Signage, Lighting, Security and Industrial Controls who are ready to go to the next level in intelligent building design and delivery.

If you’re a traditional integrator looking to expand your service offerings to meet the future needs of today’s open architected, interoperable, integrated, IT centric intelligent buildings, portfolios, campuses and cities, you won’t want to miss this dynamic Summit.


headshot for Scott Cochrane
Scott CochraneCochrane Supply & Engineering
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Brian OswaldCBRE
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Leroy WaldenHighrose Consultants


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Jason HouckEntroCIM
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Stephen JohnsonMcKenney’s
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Kurt KarnatzESD
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Ed MerwinTridium
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Marc PetockLynxspring
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John PetzeSkyFoundry
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Phil RogersAlbireo Energy
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Ken SmyersControl Trends
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Brian TurnerBuildings IOT
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Donald WalkerNewcomb & Boyd
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Leon WurfelBUENO


Welcome and Introductions
Meeting the Needs of the Market – The Modern MASTER SYSTEM INTEGRATOR Evolves
5G, CBRS & IN-BUILDING WIRELESS – What is the Impact to a Smart Building Strategy?
OT, IT and IoT – Unpacking the Challenge of Managing a Changing Technology Landscape
Bigger Clients, Projects and Opportunities – Shifting the Discussion from TECH to BUSINESS
Delivering a Smart Building – Strategies to Mitigate the Growing Tech SKILLS SHORTGAGE
From Proprietary In-Building to CLOUD – Avoiding Strategic Mistakes
Autonomous Interactions – Integrating the OCCUPANT EXPERIENCE into Smart Buildings

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