Attention Panel Builders: A Simple Solution For A Costly Mistake

functional devices avialable at

Are you a panel builder or shop looking to cut costs and reduce mistakes? 

Simplify your panel construction process while saving time and money with a Dual Voltage Power Supply from Functional Devices.

With more and more controls changing over to DC voltage, your panels could be susceptible to costly errors. 

Fortunately Functional Devices has the perfect solution with their PSH series dual voltage power supplies! 

Not only do they keep both AC and DC devices running smoothly so you can avoid powering them incorrectly but having just one device also means half the labor time installing it. One power supply also means less money tied up in inventory. 

I was shown this efficiency boost by Mark Fernandes, the president of Functional Devices. 

As you can see in this video he is super excited about the new power supplies as well as two other new products he showed me.

So why settle for less when you can have the best?

Choose Functional Devices for all your power supply needs and experience the difference that quality makes.

For more information or to get a power supply today reach out to your local Functional Devices Distributor. My personal favorite is Stromquist and Company…go figure:)


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