Throw Back Thursday: Haystack Connect Takes Over ControlTalk Now!

It was March 3, 2021, when Marc Petock, Brain Frank, and John Petze took over the ControlTalk Now Show. The boys were on a mission.

The three most prominent evangelists of the gospel of connecting data explained how Haystack tagging lets different types of data get along. This is important because if data is tagged differently it is very expensive to gather data together in a way that is useful.

Haystack is a methodology. It creates a kind of “hey you be you and I’ll be me,” and let’s just agree on how we are going to tag data.

When Haystack is applied, whole buildings, or even cities for that matter, can share data and make it easy and cost-effective for users to get all the data they need.

But why listen to me? You can watch this video and be in the know about how to connect the data in your buildings using Haystack Connect.

If you like what you see, there is still time to register for 2023 Haystack Connect. Nashville, Tennessee is the place to be June 5-7. Click here and reserve your spot now.


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