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CGNA : The Smart Choice For HVAC Controls

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Jim Hayman from CGNA (Controls Group North America) a couple of weeks ago at the

An interview with Jim Hayman, CGNA

Jim Hayman joined CGNA in March of 2004 as the Director of Business Development and has helped CGNA grow from 27 to 37 Members and over 50 Preferred Vendors.

Johnson FX20 Training

I came across some really good training videos on the Johnson FX20 controllers. Once you get past the commercials these are excellent videos on the

Honeywell Announces: DELPHI

DELPHI Combustion Efficiency Panel Historical note: Delphi the ancient city in Greece which housed the Oracle of Delphi who was consulted by kings and priests

A Simply Amazing New Product

Honeywell has finally released the “NEW DELPHI COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY PANEL”. This NEW panel will allow for a single panel to provide a loop and logic

Stromquist TV: Siemens ZCU

Watch this intro to the Zone Control Unit (ZCU) pre-wired, pre-piped VAV box from Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. This exclusive, patented, pre-assembled variable air volume

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