Tag: differential pressure

This is how a Pitot Tube works

Thanks to our friends at E & H for the outstanding video on how and when to use a pitot tube and a differential pressure

This is how a Venturi works

This video from our friends at E & H does a great job of showing how to create differential pressure to measure flow

Back to Basics: How DP Measurement Works

Walt from Control Global does a great job explaining how differential pressure measurement works. Stromquist & Company can help you with your flow needs.

Using Differential Pressure to Measure Flow

Check out this demo to see how differential pressure transimitters can be used to measure flow. For more information contact your friends at Stromquist &

Differential Pressure High and Low Ports

Differential Pressure combined with and inline flow element is a very popular way to measure flow. Stromquist & Company can handle your flow measurement needs.

Combustion Air Flow and Differential Pressure

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to start your boiler or burner; you hear the fan start, patiently wait for the sound of your


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