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DGLux5 for Niagara 4 is Available for Download — NOW!

Niagara 4 has officially been released and our innovative technology is alongside Tridium’s latest and greatest. Yes, DGLux5 for Niagara 4 is available for download!

ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending December 28, 2014

PodCast Show Notes: ControlTalk NOW thanks this week’s Premium sponsors EasyIO and DG Logik. Do not miss our featured interviews with 2014 ControlTrends nominees —

ControlTalk Now for the Week Ending July 6, 2014

This week’s ControlTalk NOW delivers vital information directly affecting the HVAC Industry status quo. Dell delivers their IoT and Productization Roadmap for the Smart Building;

DGLux5 – Data Visualization Tools At Their Best!

DGLux5 provides a modern design environment containing: Tabbed Document windows, Application bar, Tools Panel, Quick Access Panel, Panel title bar, Widgets Palette, Property Inspector Panel,

ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending May 4, 2014

Special thanks to EasyIO’s Mike Marston (of FG-32, Beast from the East fame) for that awesome introduction to ControlTalk NOW! This week, our Kerouac-ic trip


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