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Part Two: Introduction to Smart Building Controls

In this Six Part smart building controls training series, we will introduce you to the world of building automation controls. If you are new to

ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending March 23, 2014

This week’s ControlTalk NOW features Tech Tips, Red Carpet Interviews, Meeting Announcements, Product and Solution Infomercials, and HVAC News and Updates. As always, welcome to

Sign Up For Fall Pneumatics Class Now and Save

If you read Stacies recent post you know our Pneumatics, VAV, and Boiler classes will be coming back to Atlanta this fall. These classes are

New Delphi Video Presentation

Honeywell has added a new Delphi video presentation to its Environmental and Combustion Controls website. Go to: and look to the left of the

Steam Safety Relief (Pop) Valves

Boiler contractors see these valves all the time when working on equipment.  Generally the steam relief valve is often little understood, often incorrectly installed, and usually

Installations and Terminations Training

Our newest employee, Paul Morin, recently conducted a training class on installations and terminations.  Before coming to work for Stromquist, Paul worked in HVAC contracting

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