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John P

Building Analytics Trends: Update with John Petze

I had a chance to catch up with ("Mr. Big Data") John Petze at the 2015 RealComm IBcon conference. Who better than John, partner at Sky Foundry, and long time expert on building automation controls and smart buildings, to share his thoughts on the trends in … [Read More...]

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Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valve Launch Video

ControlTrends picked this Belimo video on a Twitter feed from Lars van der Haegen, new CEO of the Belimo Group, commenting on Take Your Daughter to Work Day – Learn about all the great product features and benefits as Dad shows off his newest invention, the … [Read More...]


ControlTalk NOW Week Ending June 28, 2015

ControlTalk NOW week ending June 28, 2015 features products from BASSG, LLC, and ACI; DOE's latest Crowdsourcing Initiative; interviews with Newcombe and Boyd's Donny Walker, and SmartCore's Will Winn; Mike Marston's Inaugural BAS Pub Talk; Honeywell's Niagara … [Read More...]

Hot key for breaking news

ControlTrends Event Information Calendar Update

June 30, 2015, at 1PM ET. Advances in lighting controls allow for improved control and increased energy savings at your facility, not to mention reduced maintenance costs and increased occupant satisfaction. To reap the full benefits of advanced lighting … [Read More...]

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BUSINESS-BUILDING INSIGHTS -- Join Honeywell Building Control Systems in our mission to drive technological innovation, sustainability and profitable growth. We’re advancing the industry with unprecedented speed and power, but it’s only with you that we can … [Read More...]

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Get an Edge with Niagara 4 Head Start Program!

As the excitement builds for the release of the next generation of the Niagara Framework®, now is the time to take advantage of its features and benefits before the official launch. This program introduces the Niagara 4 Head Start bundle for current Niagara … [Read More...]

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Room and Duct sensors only strengthen an already distinguished product lineup. The A/CO2 Series sensors are a cost-efficient means of monitoring carbon dioxide levels in industrial, school, and office-type environments. Output data can be used in conjunction … [Read More...]


ControlTalk NOW Week Ending June 21, 2015

ControlTalk NOW week ending June 21, 2015 continues its coverage of the Realcomm|IBcon Event 2015, themed Real Change Right Now. The prophetic words of Bran Ferren still echo. Are our once purposeful sensibilities and instincts now strangling our futures? … [Read More...]

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EasyIO Global Conference Paris 2015 Update

Global EasyIO Partner Event 2015: Paris, September 20-22! EasyIO is changing the way Building Automation is deployed, while significantly reducing installation costs. EasyIO's global partner event will unveil awesome new products and features that will further … [Read More...]

Scott C

Big Fun from Cochrane Supply

Scott Cochrane, one of the smartest guys in the building automation controls industry, shows us he is more than just another big brain in the BAS world. Scott, wrote and directed this film about the Cochrane Supply technical support process. Very well done … [Read More...]

20111201 cyber

Cyber Security Terms and Definitions – Part 2

The list below is a continuation of the series Cyber Security Terms and Definitions. Some of the terms you may have heard or probably will hear sometime in the near future. I am not sure how many of these I need to do past this point because it can get into … [Read More...]


Watch the 2015 Real Comm IBcon General Session!

If you didn't get to 2015 RealComm|IBcon in San Antonio -- and you missed out on the incredible 2-day visionary voyage of Real Change - Right Now, this general session video captures, in small part, the enormous importance and depth of the event. Tridium's … [Read More...]

John P

Conference Live: John Petze at 2015 Realcomm|IBcon

I had a chance to catch up with Sky Foundry's John Petze at the 2015 Realcomm|IBcon conference in San Antonio. Key interview take-aways are that the state of building analytics has improved significantly since 2011. As John says, "It's impossible to monitor … [Read More...]

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ControlTalk NOW Week Ending June 14, 2015

ControlTalk NOW for the week ending June 14, 2015, features 2015 Realcomm|IBcon and Conference Live video highlights and interviews with Delta Controls’ Una de Boer, SkyFoundry’s John Petze, Lynxspring’s Marc Petock, Hepta Controls’ Ted and Jason Houck, … [Read More...]