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2015 Haystack Connect Highlight: Ken Sinclair Interviews Jack McGowan

ControlTrends' good friend Ken Sinclair, of Automated Buildings, interviews Jack McGowan, of The McGowan Group, immediately after Jack's Keynote presentation at Haystack Connect's Day 2 General Session. This candid video captures the two long-time friends and industry titans, discussing Jack's sixth book, published by Fairmont Press and available August 1, 2015. The book … [Read More...]

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Ken and Randy

CGNA 2015 Vendor Show Case: Honeywell Genesis Cable

All great control systems need the right cable and wire. ControlTrends caught up with Randy Lee, VP Sales, Electrical & HVAC Division and Honeywell Genesis Series Cable, at the 2015 CGNA Vendor Showcase and got the 411 on Honeywell's new merchandising efforts, … [Read More...]


Siemens has a winner with the RDY2000 Thermostat

We caught up with Siemens at the 2015 CGNA Vendor Showcase. They introduced us to several cool new products. One of the ones we like a lot is the RDY2000 light commercial thermostat.The RDY2000 thermostat that has big time features for small business … [Read More...]

Bill D

CGNA Vendor Showcase: Blue Ridge Technologies

We had a chance to catch up with Bill Dunkleberger from Blue Ridge Technologies at the 2015 CGNA Controls Vendor Showcase. CGNA is a group of the top HVAC and building automation controls distributors on the planet that come together to create unparalleled … [Read More...]


ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending May 10, 2015

Welcome to ControlTalk NOW for the week ending May 10, 2015. Fred Gordy asks if you're ready to Pre-Act versus React and shares an incredible experience and insight into cybersecurity's hat society; Marc Petock and Lynxspring posts: NiagaraAX software … [Read More...]


Unboxing the Sierra Monitor Dual Port BACnet Router

We had the privilege to review Sierra Monitor’s BTL Certified BACnet Router – the protocol router spearheading the theme of ease-of-use. We’re sure system integrators love saving time and costs, right? Sierra Monitor introduced this great product back in … [Read More...]