Siemens’ BT300 Variable Frequency Drive

BT300Siemens has upped their game in the Variable Frequency Drive market with the new BT300 series drives.  Siemens engineers have retooled and field tested their VFD portfolio to ensure it delivers optimum results.

Available in frame sizes up to 250 hp, the BT300 is well-suited for demanding HVAC environments. Using the BT300 helps save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming and a sleep function help measure energy savings.

Energy savings up to 50% when operating fans and pumps
Drives up to 250 hp
User-friendly control panel with intuitive interface
Reliable control for a wide range of HVAC applications, including special control option in the event of fire
Complete system integration with Siemens expertise
Ethernet capabilities include BACnet IP and Modbus TCP
Environment safe – RoHS compliant

Click here to learn more about the BT300 VFDs.

Functional Devices Introduces the SIB05S -Switch in a Box!

sib2 Functional Devices, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality electronic devices in the United States of America since 1969. Our goal is to provide high quality products for the most reliable and economical solutions to the needs of our customers, along with world-class support from our sales and engineering experts. Current product offerings include relays, current sensors, power control, enclosures, power supplies, transformers, and accessories. Functional Devices has established itself as a leader in the HVAC, Building Controls, Energy Management, Energy Savings, Lighting Controls, and Wireless industries.

Functional Devices logo for thumbnailSIB02S, SIB04S, RIB05S
Switch Ratings:
20 Amp Resistive @ 277 Vac
1110 VA Pilot Duty @ 277 Vac
770 VA Pilot Duty @ 120 Vac
20 Amp Ballast @ 277 Vac
10 Amp Tungsten @ 120 Vac
2 HP @ 277 Vac
1 HP @ 120 Vac

• Switch position label can be custom printed according to your needs, simply consult factory
• Connection to Wht/Yel may be omitted if LED is not needed (SIBLS) *

Honeywell’s Expanded Valve & Actuator Configurator & Fast Track Project Management Tool

Honeywell 180x120Honeywell has expanded its factory configuration
capability to include threaded globe valve assemblies with electric actuators and Q5020 linkages. The new assembly part numbers are built based on the specifications of the valve, actuator and linkage in the assembly. This enables you to “mix and match” valve/actuator combinations without having to create a lot of new part numbers. Select a valve, actuator, linkage and fail safe/ accessories, then combine them to build an assembly number.

Q5020Click here for pricing and part numbers list. Selecting, configuring and ordering valve and actuator assemblies can be a challenge when there are thousands of options available. With the new Fast Track project management tool you’ll enjoy simplified product selection and project estimation. And carrying your estimate over into a job submittal is a snap. If the part numbering system above contains too many characters for your order management system, Honeywell has also set up short order codes for each configuration. The short order codes can be used when placing orders using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Fast Track and email/fax. V5013

fastrackA Superior Experience: Start using the Fast Track tool today and see for yourself how Honeywell has simplified everything from estimating through delivery and installation. From reducing the time needed for creating estimates and preparing job submittals to more accurate order delivery and easier installation, Honeywell can help you keep your projects on the fast track.

For more information, visit

Don’t Miss Realcomm’s Webinar: Extreme Operations – Connecting Everything to the Network (IoT) Thurs, Sept 11, 2014 12:30 – 2:00 pm EDT

realcomm1Realcomm’s Webinar: Extreme Operations – Connecting Everything to the Network (Internet of Things). Automating HVAC, lighting, security cameras and utility meters are the obvious critical areas for smart, connected, high-performance, intelligent buildings. What about all the other electro-mechanical devices in a building that provide some type of functionality, sometimes require human interaction and have “secret data” utilized to provide insight and business value? Digital signage, elevators, escalators, parking gates, water meters, bathroom fixtures, drinking fountains and even fire extinguishers are just a few of the secondary but important systems to be discussed in this session. Register now!

Special Updates and Training Announcements from J2 Innovations

J2 Innovations is excited to announce the upcoming release and launch of FIN 3.0 (FIN Builder / FIN Stack / FIN Mobile)!

FIN Stack is a brand new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, enabling unprecedented new functionality and Automating much of the traditional workflow. Thus reducing engineering labor and complexity of customer solutions.

FIN Builder allows you to create custom graphics with powerful navigation, advanced searches, floor plans, air handler, 3D piping/central plants, Custom dashboards and powerful summary screens.

FIN Mobile, whether on a desktop, tablet or smart phone allows you to view your content anywhere on any device.

Together FIN Stack, FIN Builder and FIN Mobile are “FIN 3.0”. The next generation of Building Automation Software.

Come join the best system integrators for a FIN 3.0 Training class, which will be hosted at the J2 Innovations’ headquarters located in beautiful sunny California. The training will be held September 9th – 11th, 2014. It is a 2 1/2 day training that will get you up to speed on how to use FIN Builder, FIN Stack, and FIN Mobile. You will learn how to apply revolutionary workflow and tools to create a complete a job with; AHUs, VAVs, 3D Central Plant, Dashboards and Floorplans. Also learn first hand how our new “just works!” technology speeds job creation and produces mobile-friendly content automagically.

For more details on how to get started with FIN 3.0, and get signed up for the FIN 3.0 Webinars/Training simply click here or send a message at right now – seats are filling up fast!

For more information on future FIN 3.0 training classes & logistics please view the J2 Innovations’ upcoming trainings page.

Grant, the Youngest HVAC Reporter to Date, Takes Us Inside International Systems of America

ISAJulio Rodriguez, National Sales Manager of International Systems of America, is interviewed by a Grant, a big fan of ISA, that Julio discovered on YouTube while researching social media. See why ISA is a company with great solutions and a big heart. ISA SOLUTIONS — ARE WORK IN ACTION. With over 80 employees, ISA takes great pride in their extensive product and service offerings for fire, energy, security and communication systems. ISA’s solutions make a real difference for their customers, again and again —- helping to solve critical issues and keep vital systems in operation. ISA is always there, with focus and dedication, to deliver your solution!

Live Event: Johnson Controls VFD Training at Stromquist & Company

The Stromquist & Company christened their Atlanta facility’s state-of-the-art training center with a live training event streamed to internet viewers, who were able to participate directly in the training session and address their questions to the instructor, Johnson Controls’ Wayne Christy, a bona fide VFD expert. Wayne reviewed the Johnson Controls VSD product platform, many of the standard VFD applications, and highlighted the tremendous energy savings opportunities — available using Johnson Controls VFDs. Look for many more live training events from the Stromquist & Company in the near future.

Intelligent Buildings’ Tom Shircliff at IBCON 2014: The Technology is Here, Let’s Get Started!

Intelligent Buildings is a well-known and leading-edge consultancy company in the smart building business. Veteran Tom Shircliff elegantly brings to light that the technology, all of the smart technology pieces needed for New Buildings, for Building Retrofits, for Building Analytics, and for Building Systems Cyber Security are here, but the challenge is how to scale this available technology into starting points — where building owners can get under-whelmed and start faster, with less risks, and all the while, make enlightened decisions quicker through Intelligent Building’s organizational alignment approach and the creation of a common language that all the stakeholders can understand. To ease and accelerate that sometimes arduous process, Intelligent Buildings has created their Advisory Starter Kits, which allow building owners to implement immediately, specific best practices and establish vital vendor standards, that will ultimately ensure a complete and successful future project solution.

Chiller on the Fritz — Call the Champions of Chill — The Mobile Air Force

mobile air forceMarvel Comics has nothing on the marvelous folks at Mobile Air Force, the champions of chill, as they fight for truth, justice, and mobile air conditioning! There’s nothing like a little comic animation to convey a lot of information about superhero-like fast emergency service. Mobile Air, Inc. is a specialty HVAC company dealing exclusively in portable air conditioning, heating, filtration, and dehumidification systems, for both temporary and long term solutions.

Mobile Air has been providing portable rental air conditioning, heating, dehumidification and structural drying services to our customers for over 20 years. Since Mobile Air’s beginning back in 1989 we have been redefining the industry with products and innovative approaches for temporary indoor and outdoor heating, air conditioning, and dehumidification.

Mobile Air has the equipment, personnel, and know-how to solve your temporary air conditioning needs quickly from one of our fully-stocked warehouses. Mobile Air has the equipment you need, right where you need it.

Siemens Releases New QXA2601 and QXA2602 Condensation Monitors — Great for Chilled Beams/Chilled Ceilings

QXA2601 Siemens releases two new products for use on surfaces where condensation must be avoided. Both the QXA2601 and QXA2602 are designed to prevent condensation from forming in chilled beam and chilled ceiling applications. Both devices operate identically via a SPDT relay that changes state when humidity level near the surface of the chilled water piping approaches 92%. The unit will automatically reset when the humidity level drops to approximately 87%.

The key difference is that the QXA2601 is a completely self-contained unit that attaches directly to the chilled water piping, while the QXA2602 features a remote sensing element that is easier to locate in small spaces. The QXA2602 includes 5’ of cable for connecting the remote element to the relay housing.

Product Description: The QXA2601 and QXA2602 Condensation Monitors are used to avoid damage due to condensation on chilled ceilings and in HVAC installations. They are equipped with an SPDT dry contact capable of switching 1 amp @ 24 Vac or 0.5 amp @ 24 Vdc. A two-color LED provides visual status indication. The QXA2601 includes hardware for installation on pipes with outside diameters from 0.39 to 3.94 inches (10 to 100 mm). The QXA2602 includes hardware for surface mounting on walls or ceilings.

Product Use: For monitoring condensation in buildings that utilize chilled beam or chilled ceilings or in HVAC installations. In general, the condensation monitor is for use on surfaces where condensation must be avoided and used in following applications:

• to prevent condensation on chilled ceilings.
• to prevent condensation at critical spots of HVAC installations or buildings (in air ducts, near fans, and so on).
• as a condensation switch.

Equipment Combinations: The QXA2601 and QXA2602 can be used in any 24V AC/DC control circuit and can be wired NO or NC to provide indication of pending condensation.

Mode of Operation: With its sensing element, the condensation monitor acquires the relative humidity close to the dew point (= 100% rh). The resistance of the sensing element rises sharply in the range of 90 to 100% rh. Before the dew point is reached, the electronics energize the relay. When, as in the case of chilled ceiling applications, the relay contact switches over and may be used to trigger a condensation avoidance sequence such as:

1. Cooling will be shut down via the valve or by a controller until the condensation signal is no longer present.
2. The water flow temperature will immediately be raised by an adjustable value (typically ≈ 2˚F) and slowly reduced again after the signal has disappeared. This application requires a specific function in the controller.