Tim Chamblee’s Introduction to VFD’s Part 2

VFD Training Part 2: Tim Chamblee continues his Variable Frequency Drive training with an in-depth explanation of the application benefits, the potential energy savings, and the importance of proper grounding and wiring methods — and then demonstrates how to use a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive to control a cooling tower fan with a Honeywell T775 controller.

Functional Devices Introduces the RIBTW24B-BCAO Analog Output Network Device

Functional_Devices This week Functional Devices released yet another innovative product that gives users a low cost and convenient solution loaded with features. The Enclosed BACnet® MS/TP Network Relay Device; One Binary Output (20 Amp Relay SPDT + Override); One Binary Input (Dry Contact, Class 2); One Analog Voltage Output (0-5 Vdc / 0-10 Vdc); One Analog Current Output (4-20 mA); 24 Vac/dc Power Input; Optional End of Line Resistor (EOL) Included.

rib_imageThermistor Specifications: Thermistor Type 2 (T2) Precon 10 K @ 77°F (25°C) PN ST-R24, Model 24, (or equivalent.) Thermistor Type 3 (T3) Precon 10 K @ 77°F (25°C) Model 3, (or equivalent). Thermistor not included.

• -35 to 10°C range in 1° steps;-31 to 50°F range in 1.8° steps; 10 to 32°C range in 0.1° steps; 50 to 90°F range in 0.18° steps 32; 100°C range in 1° steps; and 90 to 212°F range in 1.8° steps.

• PIC Statement available on website: www.functionaldevices.com/pdf/datasheets/pics/RIBTW24B-BCAO_PICS_V109.pdf.

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See Why Functional Devices is a ControlTrends Community Favorite

Why is Functional Devices such a favorite within the ControlTrends Community and a go to supplier for peripheral devices? Well we can start with the really innovative cool products like the RIB ( Relay in a Box) relay.

Products made by Functional Devices are just that…functional…and price competitive….and easy to use. The PSH500A-LVC power supply fits the Functional Devices mode: it is a cost-saving, prepackaged solution for the following applications:

• Provide power to Variable Air Volume (VAV) controllers
• Provide power to zone controllers
• Provide power to controllers in critical controlled environments

The PSH500A-LVC power supply isolates the high-voltage compartment and the low-voltage compartment to prevent possible electrical hazard, eliminating the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The PSH500A is very very functional. And is another reason the world wide ControlTrends Community has nominated Functional Devices as a finalist in two categories: Peripheral Product if The Year and Vendor of The Year Small Manufacturer.

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Yaskawa: Bringing VFD Game to The ControlTrends Awards

For the third year in a row, the Yaskawa Z1000 has been nominated for the ControlTrends Variable Frequency Drive of The Year.

Yaskawa provided the Control Trends Community this video on their Z1000 Series. The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. announces the release of the Z1000 variable speed drive designed specifically for commercial HVAC applications.

The Z1000 Variable Speed Drive is designed for building automation applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers [Read more…]

2014 ControlTrends Awards VFD of the Year Nominee: Franklin Control Systems P-Series VFD’s

logo_franklinAnother exciting candidate for 2014 VFD of the Year is the Franklin Control Systems P-Series — Energy savings for fans and pumps: The P-series is optimized for fans and pumps — and features an automatic energy saving mode that minimizes losses by optimizing flux control. In PID, sleep and wake up modes conserve power and extend motor and drive life. Take a look!

* Application based commissioning allows parameters to be automatically set based on industry standards
* Applications: Basic, circulating pump, supply fan, exhaust fan or cooling tower
* Selectable units include PSI, °F, °C, inWC, inM, Bar, mBar, Pa, kPa
* Belt loss protection
* Cleaner sine wave as compared to typical V/Hz control. Motors run cooler and last longer
*Maintain a constant control of pressure, flow or water level. This function includes Pre-PID, Sleep and Wake up and output inverse sub-functions
* Dual PID for external PID control or cascade PID control
* Multi-Motor
* Control up to 4 motors
* Adaptive flux control for varying loads (e.g. damper loading)
* Increased energy savings by deactivating drive during low demand
* Prevents trips, rough starts, and drive damage from regenerative power from heavy fan inertia rotation
ƒ* Optional: Profibus-DP, LonWorks, BACnet

2014 ControlTrends VFD of the Year Nominee: Siemens’ BT300 VFDs — Redesigned, Re-tooled, and Ready to Meet Rigorous Demands!

bt300_3 The 2014 ControlTrends VFD of the Year category is one of the most heavily contested categories of the awards! With its Onboard kWh Meter, Mulitpump/Fan Application. and Fire Mode features, the Siemens BT300 takes VFD to the next level of efficiency.

While constantly expected to do more with less, managing energy consumption and optimizing occupant comfort remains of utmost importance to facility managers. They also require products that will integrate seamlessly into existing equipment and building management systems. The highly efficient BT300 delivers all this and more.

Siemens engineers have retooled and field tested our VFD portfolio to ensure it delivers optimum results! Available in frame sizes up to 250 hp, the BT300 is well-suited for demanding HVAC environments. Using the BT300 helps save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features – like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming, and a sleep function – help measure energy savings.

An easy-to-use, read and understand interface uses built-in wizards that get HVAC equipment up and running quickly and accurately. Anyone can safely and quickly commission the BT300 using default parameters that are optimized for typical HVAC applications. In addition to the HVAC functions, BT300 drives provide a special control function in the event of fire. The ensures escape routes are kept free of smoke. Simplify the maintenance of motors, pumps and fans.

The maintenance of motors, pumps and fans is simplified with VFD components that are designed to last. The drive’s diagnostic alert function informs staff if a belt is broken or a pump is empty or jammed, reducing the time it takes to diagnose and fix a problem. An always available and easy to understand built-in manual highlights possible causes and remedies to situations.

Integrates with today’s open protocols, including APOGEE and BACnet Easy network integration means the BT300 VFDs are ready to communicate with Building Management System, embedded RS485 and Ethernet HVAC protocols:

■ P1 protocol for APOGEE
■ BACnet MS/TP
■ Modbus RTU
■ Johnson Control – Metasys N2
■ BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Optional LON Interface

SiemensWorld-class technical support available for the life of the product. Siemens is trusted for innovative solutions, advanced technology, and superior quality. We also strive for excellence in customer service. No matter how easy the BT300 is to install and commission, it is reassuring to know help is available locally. Count on our technical expertise and services for the life of the product, from integration to ongoing service and support.

GridWise Alliance Releases the Future of the Grid — Evolving to Meet America’s Needs

DOE1 Without much pomp and circumstance, the prodigious efforts and visions of over 400 industry stake-holders are available for review — and execution. Behold America’s 2030 Smart Grid.

December 3, 2014: U.S. Department of Energy Office of Electricity and Energy Reliability (DOE) in partnership with the GridWise Alliance (GWA) facilitated the “Future of the Grid–Evolving to Meet America’s Needs” initiative to develop an industry-driven vision of the future grid along with recommendations outlining an approach to achieving that vision. The initiative involved multiple stakeholders and took one year to complete. In that time, DOE and GWA hosted four regional workshops and a national summit with thought leaders from across the country that included utilities, regulators, state government officials, renewable energy providers, supplies and industry innovators. Discussions focused on necessary grid capabilities and functionality, the changing role of grid operators, the new technologies and financial models required to drive investment, and the policy and regulatory barriers to realizing the vision.

INTRODUCTION: Electricity is the foundation for America’s economic success. Our digital economy, our national security, and our daily lives are highly dependent on reliable, safe, abundant, affordable, and secure electricity. Over the past several years, the electricity industry has experienced fundamental changes on a scale not witnessed since the creation of the electric system more than 100 years ago. New technological advances are providing new grid capabilities, prices for clean energy sources are becoming more affordable, our digital economy is even more dependent on electricity, and consumers are demanding fewer outages and faster response times when outages do occur.

Download the final report.

Read more about this federal initiative.