The Easy Way to Offload Your JACE’s Modbus Traffic

The following is from our friends at Contemporary Controls: April 2014 — Although the JACE has the ability to communicate Modbus RTU over one ofScreen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.54.36 AM its serial ports, Modbus points cannot be discovered like BACnet points requiring manual configuration of each Modbus register. By using external Modbus RTU to BACnet gateways, with pre-defined Modbus device profiles, configuration of Modbus registers is just as quick as configuring BACnet points allowing to greatly reduce the time to configure Modbus devices in the field. Our BASgatewayLX

— Modbus to BACnet® Gateway provides a 10/100 Mbps Modbus TCP or BACnet/IP Ethernet port and an opto-isolated Modbus EIA-485 serial port for Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII devices. Up to 30 Modbus serial devices (represented by up to 1000 polled points) can share the single Modbus port on the BASgatewayLX.The virtual routing feature in the BASgatewayLX allows each connected Modbus device to appear as an individual BACnet compliant device which can save configuration time if using multiple identical Modbus devices. A device profile for each Modbus type device is needed and Contemporary Controls maintains a library of common device profiles. If one is not available, we will be glad to provide it upon request. In addition, custom device profiles can be uploaded to the BASgatewayLX. Using web pages and a resident database of common Modbus device profiles, Modbus data points from Modbus Serial or Modbus TCP devices can be mapped to BACnet objects.

Help Make Vegas the New Silicon Valley

Niagara_Summit2014Niagara Summit 2014 Powered by Possibilities April 27–29, 2014, at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The world of business doesn’t just benefit from innovation – it demands it. To meet that demand, we work tirelessly, pushing the Niagara Framework to the forefront of technology. This April 27-29, visit Las Vegas for Niagara Summit 2014 and see how innovation and technology are transforming the possibilities of the Niagara platform.

Register now, and secure your chances to:

• Gain insight into the technology trends that are shaping our industry, and find out how to leverage them in order to grow your business.
• Learn why open systems are making cities smarter, how big data can integrate with new technologies, and what the emergence of the Internet of Things means for Niagara users.
• Collaborate and network with a united community of peers and industry experts.

You’ll also be eligible to enter the New Product Showcase and Innovator Awards, showcasing the best new products based on or interacting with the Niagara Framework.

Please download the New Product entry form here and the Innovator of the Year entry form here. Submissions are due by April 14th.

Adding GM8 Energy Monitors to Entouch Thermostats

Stromquist & Company’s Dozier Mills shows you step by step how to add an Entouch GM8 energy monitoring module to the Entouch thermostats. Entouch Smart Thermostats not only provide great temperature control but do a great job monitoring energy consumption. Great job Dozier !! Keep the videos coming !!!

Honeywell JadeTM Economizer Firmware Update

jade_economizer Honeywell is continuously working to improve the Jade economizer controller. We update the firmware when we make significant changes to the product that will enhance the user’s experience. The last version of the Jade firmware was 1.07 released in 2011.

We are pleased to announce the release of new firmware on new products assembled after April 1, 2014. Listed below are the changes from W7220 (Jade) firmware version 1.07 to version 1.11.

New Features

Added stall actuator alarm suppression to avoid nuisance alarms on dampers that do not go open the full 90 degrees. Operator can suppress the stall alarm in a range of damper motion using the PC tool.
For example, if the damper only opens 50% then the damper alarm stall would initiate. On the 1.11 version the operator through the PC MOD tool can suppress the alarm in a specified range (ex: 35% to 50% open) and the alarm will still initiate out of the selected range (ex: below 35%).

Added Discharge Air (DA) temperature alarms for lower out of range (discharge air temperature too cold) and high out of range (discharge air temperature too high) Ex: if the discharge low end of range is set for 45F and the DA goes below 45F then an alarm will initiate. If the upper end of the range is set for 80F then when the DA goes above 80F an alarm will initiate. The operator can set the range using the input buttons on the Jade or using the PC tool. Default is 45F for the low range and 80F for the high range.

Hid “Factory defaults” so operators in the field cannot go back to factory defaults unless they use the PC tool to turn on the factory default setting.

Increased Fan cfm for DCV auto calibration from 15000 cfm to 50000 cfm.

Added table to instructions for minimum position settings and checkout menu. See table.

There are 4 minimum position settings on the 2-speed fan and CO2 options and only 2 minimum positions checked out in the CHECKOUT menu. Therefore the lowest setting (VENT MIN High Speed fan) and highest (VENT MAX Low speed fan) settings are on the CHECKOUT menu. The table assists the operators in determining what will show on the CHECKOUT menu based on the speed of the fan and DCV settings chosen.

PC Mod tool software has been updated to allow the existing PC tools to communicate with the new 1.11 Jade firmware. You will need to go online to and download the new software for the PC tool on your computer. Follow the instructions on the PC ModTool instruction sheet. The latest software is compatible with all firmware versions of Jade.

Belimo SY Actuator for Butterfly Valves

Belimo’s SY Series actuators were designed to work with their butterfly valves and other quarter turn valve applications.  The patentesy actuatord gear drive mechanism provides for efficient, smooth operation while allowing easy manual override at any time. All units have NEMA 4X ratings, and to make life a little easier, wiring diagrams are affixed to the outside of the housing on the permanently attached product label. Other features include:

  • Easily visible position indicators
  • International standard ISO5211 mounting systems
  • Internal thermal motor overload protection
  • Dual auxiliary Form C switches
  • Easily accessible wiring termination points

These actuators are great for new and retrofit HVAC and Industrial valve applications.  Belimo has excellent retrofit solutions for almost any existing valve type.  If you are in GA or FL contact Stromquist at 800-241-9471 for assistance with any of your Belimo needs. If you are outside of GA or FL, visit to find your area representative.

Introducing New RIB Product! PSH500A-LVC


PSH500A-LVC* High/Low Voltage Separation
* Five isolated 100 VA Class 2 outputs
* 480/277/240/120 Vac to 24 Vac
* 500 VA transformer
* Perfect for VAV applications
* Also available in PSH200A-LVC and PSH300A-LVC
* Low Voltage wiring made easy with our plugable terminal blocks for easy access.

5 Secondaries: 24 Vac, with LED Indicators
4 Amp breaker for each output
24 Vac ON/OFF: On / Off Switch & Breaker
Input: 480/277/240/120 Vac Finger-Safe Terminals, 8-18 AWG
Output: 5 Ungrounded, Isolated, 100 VA Class 2, 24 Vac Outputs.
Removable Terminals accept16-22 AWG wire.
Ambient Temperature Derating:
4A up to 40˚ C ; 3A up to 50˚ C ; 2A up to 55˚ C
(When All 5 Outputs Operated Simultaneously)

Contact Info:
Phone: 800.888.5538
310 S. Union St.
PO Box 368
Russiaville, IN 46979

Honeywell Announces the New AX3-PPC Programmable Plant Controller

Honeywell 180x120Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of the AX3-PPC programmable plant controller, which is ideal for controlling and monitoring a building system including HVAC equipment, lighting and meters. The AX3-PPC programmable plant controller, which is a Java based controller/server, is a bundled product consisting of a WEB-300E controller paired with an IO-34-H module that provides 34 points for local control. This controller is specially licensed for up to five (5) remote devices that can be integrated to the controller via Lon, BACnet or Modbus. In total, the AX3-PPC can integrate up to a maximum of 150 points.


Features Benefits: Requires AX-3.8 or higher, with same processor & memory as WEB-300E; Ideal controller for HVAC, lighting & meters, ready for Niagara 4.0; Bundled product of WEB-300E and IO-H-34 module

Competitive Programmable Plant Controller with Standard Niagara features – web UI, email, alarming, enterprise connectivity; Web user Interface serves rich graphical displays & live data to any browser; Pre-licensed with BACnet, Lon and Modbus drivers Control & Monitor Building Management Systems

Specific License which limits capacity by points & Driver
• Maximum of 150 points, including Proxy points
• Maximum of 5 remote devices via LON, BACnet & Modbus
• JAVA heap is limited to 24 MB – cannot be expanded to 96MB

Ideal for Medium to Large Plant Control applications
• 16 Universal Inputs
• 10 relay Outputs
• 8 Analog Outputs