Level and Flow Training Part 1

Learn about Industrial and Commercial Level and Flow Control metering and control with this multi-episode ControlTrends’ live training course, featuring Honeywell Marketing Manager, Tom Brands. Learn about Honeywell’s Smart Line Level Applications and the why’s, how’s, and different ways to measure levels and become a better adviser to your customers.

GC Valves TIP: Solenoid Valves for Oil & Gas Burner Pilot Applications

CS_GCV2-700x400 GC Valves offers very competitive, high-quality solenoid valve solutions for general purpose, oil and natural gas burner, and custom-solenoid valve applications.

Now that the cold weather has arrived, here is a reminder that GC Valves manufactures some of the most popular pilot valves for oil and natural gas burners.

Our S31 and S30 direct acting valves cover a wide range of fuel oil and natural gas flows and pressures. The S40 piloted piston offers a unique combination of high flow 3/8″ orifice and a 300 psi pressure differential rating. You can see a list of common products for combustion applications from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT our website at gcvalves.com/agCombustion.htm.

Contact the Region Office to learn more about our general purpose solenoid valves for air and similar gases, water, hot water, steam, RO/DI water, chemicals, vacuum, combustible fluids, cryogenics, high pressure, anti-water hammer, explosion proof applications and more.

And be sure to investigate our archives for TechTIPs & FAQs. We hope you’ll find valuable information about Applications, Electrical Requirements, Design/Operation, and Energy Efficient Solenoid Valves from CFA.

ASCO Gas Shut Off Valves

ASCO’s 8214 Series valves are internal pilot operated shutoff valves providing on-off control of fuel gas. Features include:

• Unique double disc design with overtravel provides redundant sealing for leak tight shutoff

• Visual indication of open and shut position (Suffix “VI” & “C”)asco 8214

• Proof of closure switch 1 amp (Suffix “C”)

• Silicon free construction (Suffix “SF”) available

• Zero differential piloted diaphragm

• For on-off control of fuel gas in commercial and industrial gas burners

• Valves provided with 1/8″ NPT upstream and downstream pipe taps with plugs for routine testing

• Optional flange adapters for ease of installation and service

Click here for more information.


The Belimo Energy Valve Video Training Class

The Belimo Energy Valve, in addition to winning the 2012 ControlTrends Awards Commercial product of The Year, is a unique product that measures, controls, and improves performance of HVAC equipment. This means energy savings and happier tenants. In this free video training class learn what the Belimo Energy valve can do and how to apply the Belimo Energy Valve to your applications.

Mr. Jones Control Tech Tip: How A Maxitrol Gas Pressure Regulator Works

Stromquist & Company’s Bill Jones shares some more of his control knowledge. In this video, Mr. Jones breaks down the Maxitrol gas pressure regulator design and shows you everything you need to know to install and troubleshoot the Maxitrol straight-through gas pressure regulators.

How to Install a Natural Gas Pressure Regulator

Stromquist and Company handles just about every brand of gas pressure regulator. We stock Maxitrol, Pietro Fiorentini, Itron (Actaris), Sensus, and American Meter. It does not matter what brand gas regulator you are using or if you have a natural gas regulator or a LP Gas pressure regulator they all have one thing in common. If you don’t install the gas regulator correctly it will not work properly.

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Believe it or not nine times out of ten when a gas pressure regulator is not working properly it is one of two things…….. [Read more…]

Cv and What It Means to HVAC Contractors

There has been a lot of buzz on Control Trends lately on Cv so I thought I would do my best to explain what Cv is and how does it relate to HVAC systems.

NOTE : I am not attempting to be exact on definitions only practical in field use of the Cv information.

Based on water (media for most HVAC applications) [Read more…]