2015 Project Haystack’s Amazing Live Demo — The Future of Tagging is Here

Using an integrated live audience, a host of visual props, and three screens, the masters of Mythbusting, Jason Briggs and Scott Muench brought Haystack tagging to life instantly and with profound effect. In close cooperation and support of the growing Haystack community of manufacturers, vendors, and sponsors — including : J2 Innovations, SkyFoundry, Lynxspring, Altura, Pacific Controls, Siemens, KMC Controls, Contemporary Controls, WattStopper, Veris, bueno, Onicon, Wind, Daintree Networks, BASSG, Airmaster, Connexx energy, Lobos/Yardi, Intellastar, and CBRE/ESI, Project Haystack continues its mission to bring the world of building integration to maximum efficiency and benefit.

ControlTrends Wishes a Happy 4th of July to All! Anyone for Some History, Facts, and Trivia?

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.48.06 AM4th Of July Trivia Facts 2015: 15 Fun Things To Know About Independence Day from International Business Times! On a more serious note read The Story of the Fourth of July and How did the Fourth of July become a national holiday? — from ConstitutionFacts.com.

For the first 15 or 20 years after the Declaration was written, people didn’t celebrate it much on any date. It was too new and too much else was happening in the young nation. By the 1790s, a time of bitter partisan conflicts, the Declaration had become controversial. One party, the Democratic-Republicans, admired Jefferson and the Declaration. But the other party, the Federalists, thought the Declaration was too French and too anti-British, which went against their current policies. By 1817, John Adams complained in a letter that America seemed uninterested in its past. But that would soon change.

After the War of 1812, the Federalist party began to come apart and the new parties of the 1820s and 1830s all considered themselves inheritors of Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans. Printed copies of the Declaration began to circulate again, all with the date July 4, 1776, listed at the top. The deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on July 4, 1826, may even have helped to promote the idea of July 4 as an important date to be celebrated. Celebrations of the Fourth of July became more common as the years went on and in 1870, almost a hundred years after the Declaration was written, Congress first declared July 4 to be a national holiday as part of a bill to officially recognize several holidays, including Christmas. Further legislation about national holidays, including July 4, was passed in 1939 and 1941.

ControlTrends Event Information Calendar Update

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.01.48 AMJune 30, 2015, at 1PM ET. Advances in lighting controls allow for improved control and increased energy savings at your facility, not to mention reduced maintenance costs and increased occupant satisfaction. To reap the full benefits of advanced lighting control systems requires commitment, and a proper education, which is precisely what you can expect when you attend the free webcast “Advances in Lighting Controls: A Facilities Update.” This information-rich event will walk you through the critical points necessary to successfully implement an advanced lighting control system. You will also learn about the major implementation strategies and the different system types. Register here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.47.32 AMIEC 61850: Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utilities — Tuesday, July 14, 1-2PM ET: IEC 61850 “Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utilities” is a powerful standard that provides a holistic view of designing and managing utility substation and field device communication, automation systems, and applications. It is a collection of multiple protocols, concepts, and component standards. With the objective of understanding the issues, challenges and benefits of implementing the IEC 61850 standard, we have developed a case study that presents a summary and analysis of deployments of the standard at the New York Power Authority (NYPA), Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L), and Southern California Edison (SCE). Each utility had very different experiences and value achievement in their respective implementations. They are also quite different in their plans for future implementations.Register here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.21.45 AMUPCOMING REALCOMM WEBINARS: Energy Management vs. Building Automation – Understanding the Differences – 7/16/2015. There has been a lot of “energy” in the smart building industry in the last two years. The activity has been coming from established companies, new Fortune 50 entrants and a host of start-ups. Many firms are interested in Energy Management Systems (EMS) and are implementing solutions. If they are not careful, they could find themselves in a segregated solution-set twenty-four months from now. It is important to understand the broader characteristics of an integrated, interoperable, open-architected, IP centric building automation platform that could include energy, security, parking, resource management, user experience and other applications. This webinar will discuss the differences between energy management and building automation. Register now!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.10.53 AMNFMT Orlando Registration is Now Open: The perfect blend of solutions, strategies and sunshine, NFMT Orlando is a free conference and expo for facilities professionals wanting to better themselves and their buildings. The event takes place October 27-28, 2015, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Register here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.56.47 AMThe Lynxspring Exchange and Partner Conference being held October 26th-28th at the Argosy Hotel and Casino, Riverside, Missouri brings together Lynxspring’s ecosystem and community of business partners, integrators, contractors, OEMs, technology partners, industry professionals and practitioners to exchange, collaborate, network and learn about today’s operating systems and solutions for operating facilities smarter, safer, securely, more efficiently, and at peak performance levels and the latest in advanced smart-device applications. Registration to attend Lynxspring Exchange 2015 is $295.00 per person. The registration fee includes admission to all sessions, workshops, exhibits, and food and beverage during the course of the conference. Register here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.42.23 AMThe SGIP Annual Conference takes places in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana for 2015 at the centrally-located InterContinental Hotel. The 2015 Annual Conference promises to be filled with the latest in grid modernization and many networking opportunities for members and guests to reconnect and collaborate. AGENDA: To view the agenda, please click here. SPEAKERS: To view the list of speakers, please click here. Register now!

Connexxion Adds Additional Project-Haystack Enhancements

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.54.01 AMConnexx Energy, a recognized leader and implementer of ‘last mile’ energy solutions for Smart Grid and Smart Buildings and developer of Connexxion, a versatile, secured Enterprise Energy Intelligence and Management platform for facility, energy, and business operational information, today announced new enhancements to its Connexxion Haystack Server and Database at the Haystack Connect 2015 conference. The new enhancements include point metadata stored in Mongo Db, new API’s for operations on records RESTful APIs, point history data stored in Cassandra Db Cluster, remote API access via Haystack standard RESTful APIs and easier connection and integration with the nHaystack Driver.


Marc Petock
Vice President, Marketing

Lynxspring, Inc.
1210 NE Windsor Drive
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
Office (816) 347-3500
Cell: (804) 307-3353

Lynxspring Announces New Project Haystack Initiatives

Lynxspring_enews-700COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. May, 2015 Lynxspring, a premier developer and provider of IoT solutions for building automation, energy management, cyber protection, and device-to-enterprise integration today announced two Project- Haystack inititaves at Haystack Connect 2015 conference.

The NodeHaystack has been developed to take advantage of the Node.js® platform and all of its benefits. NodeHaystack provides a fully scalable, fast server interface, for anyone wishing to implement a Haystack server of their own. In addition, because it is written in JavaScript, this technology can be used in the browser itself to connect to other Project Haystack implementations and build rich web UIs remotely, off the Haystack server. NodeHaystack is a direct port of Haystack Java Toolkit, and provides all of the functionality of the de-facto standard for Project Haystack server development. In addition to the core functionality, Lynxspring has added the ability to accept JSON encoded input, instead of ZINC, to aid in the development of pure JavaScript environments.

Also announced, was a BACnet -Haystack Data Pump which serves as a gateway that brings BACnet points and data in a secured environment up to Project Haystack clients and applies Haystack tags to distribute up to building and energy management applications.

MORE SEE Attached

Thank You

Marc Petock
Vice President, Marketing

Lynxspring, Inc.
1210 NE Windsor Drive
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
Office (816) 347-3500
Cell: (804) 307-3353

KMC Representatives Attend Dell Annual Analyst Conference

NEW PARIS, Indiana – May 27, 2015

KMC Controls, a leader in building automation systems, today announced its participation in the Dell Annual Analyst Conference in Austin, Texas from May 27th through May 29th. The Dell team invited KMC’s Richard Newberry and Erich Kreuter as strategic envoys to the high-profile event.

Dell’s annual conference offers analysts the opportunity and access to engage with Dell customers, partners and senior Dell executives, as well as attend focused breakout sessions and a technology showcase.

Richard Newberry, Strategic Advisor to KMC’s Board of Directors, commented that, “…this brings KMC’s visibility in our work with Dell to a new level and allows us to convey our message and our leadership in Internet of Things (IoT) to a key audience of strategic partners, analysts, investors, and technology leaders. We are honored to be invited to participate in such an exciting event, and the coming year holds great promise as we bring our solutions to market. Attendance at the conference validates the progress that we have made and gives us a chance to get more people interested in the work that’s being done.”

Dell and KMC are firmly committed to bringing the power of the Internet of Things to building automation by enabling secure, timely access and control of building systems and data to building owners and property managers.

KMC is partnering with Dell and Intel® in developing a complete IoT platform for building automation that forms an end-to-end solution, from sensors and controllers (edge devices) to cloud-based remote management applications. Remote visualization and control are enabled via a cloud-hosted, mobile application based architecture with secure data access.
KMC will be exhibiting its new technology as a platinum-level sponsor at two major upcoming events:
Cochrane Supply Niagara Summit from June 4th through June 5th, 2015 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Realcomm IBCon from June 9th through June 10th, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas

Parties interested in learning more or speaking with the development team may contact KMC Controls at www.kmccontrols.com.

2015 Haystack Connect Highlight: Ken Sinclair Interviews Jack McGowan

KensControlTrends’ good friend Ken Sinclair, of Automated Buildings, interviews Jack McGowan, of The McGowan Group, immediately after Jack’s Keynote presentation at Haystack Connect’s Day 2 General Session. This candid video captures the two long-time friends and industry titans, discussing Jack’s sixth book, published by Fairmont Press and available August 1, 2015. The book entitled “Energy & Analytics, Big Data, and Building Technology Integration,” addresses leveraging all of the intelligence in the building, as well as leveraging the intelligence of the integrator community, which drive more value to the customer and more business to the integrator. Pre-order forms are available now on the automatedbuildings.com website. John Petze, Ken Sinclair, and Jim Lee contributed forewards to the various sections of the book.

“Off to a Great Start!” Project Haystack’s Executive Director John Petze Reports

Executive Director, John Petze, regaled ControlTrends with the exciting news that 2015 Haystack Connect is off to a great start: New people, new vendors, more consultants, and the spirit of collaboration that includes the likes of Siemens, have all helped Project Haystack emerge as the leading initiative that helps people, at all levels, get more value from their systems. In order to use advanced analytic techniques, enhanced reporting, and comprehensive energy analysis, you must go through the process of tagging data. Project Haystack seeks to make this a machine to machine effort using self-describing data that would eliminate significant costs. Project Haystack: It’s time to make the use of self-describing data — the specified norm.

2015 Haystack Connect Day One — General Session, Opening Comments, and Keynote Speakers

Marc Petock and John Petze hit the stage running and kicked off the 2015 Haystack Connect with a grateful thanks to the Project Haystack Sponsors and its 900 Haystack community members, 245 of which, were present at the General Session. Project Haystack has grown by 45% over the last two years. Special recognition was given to Lynxspring, Contemporary Controls, KMC’s Conquest, J2 Innovations, BASSG, and Plant Pro/Air Masters for their efforts in developing Haystack applications.

David Mantell of Vodaphone, was the first keynote speaker. David reviewed Global M2M Platforms and Vodafone’s Dedicated M2M Managed Services Engine. M2M will play an increasing important role in Energy Data Management by providing greater visibility of operating conditions, automated monitoring, alarm notifications, and remote control. M2M visibility is now critical because customers want “one hand to shake” or “one throat to choke,” and how M2M now links customers directly to the manufacturers for issues and resolutions.

Second Keynote Speaker: Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Principal Engineer in Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA. Dr. Milan Milenkovic has worked in industry and academia, doing research on distributed computing, operating systems and a variety of emerging technologies. He is currently the principal investigator of the POEM project that explores uses of dynamic personal sensing, by integrating data from all sensors that may surround a user in a given setting or time. Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Intel reviewed the world of existing buildings and the lack of a holistic operation and how computing economics, pervasive connectivity, and Big Data and Analytics are driving aggregation and optimization. Dr. Milenkovic also reviewed Intel’s dive into Haystack and Intel’s work with Daikin McQuay and KMC’s school project, École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde, one of the most IoT ready school in North America.

Haystack Connect 2015: Open Source Community Resumes Plenary Session, Colorado Springs, CO

pikes_peakThe majestic snow covered Pikes Peak contrasted by the wondrous earthy red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods provided a suitably inspiring setting for Haystack Connect as it resumed its mission to adroitly usher in the world of self-defining data — in a collaborative way that no single-minded entity could possibly achieve. Marc Petock and three special guests, Brian Frank, Anno Scholten, and Richard McElhinney join ControlTrends for a pre-reception discussion of why some 240 of the top global automation and IoT professionals are attending the second Haystack Connect meeting, and what the continued growth and success of Project Haystack represents for the future of building data.

More about the guests:

Bryan Frank, founder and president of SkyFoundry, a software company specializing in the storage, analysis, and visualization of data from the Internet of Things. SkyFoundry’s software is used across the world in thousands of sites to analyze and optimize M2M systems including energy, HVAC, and lighting.

Anno Shelton, C.E.M., C.D.S.M. and President of CONNEXX Energy. Anno has spent the last 25 years driving innovation in building control systems and smart grid technologies where he has developed leading edge, smart grid energy products for the commercial building markets. Anno is a widely recognized industry expert and sought after speaker at building automation and smart grid conferences and holds a US Patent on a distributed-architecture building controller.

Richard McElhinney, Chief Software Architect at Airmaster Australia and Conserve it. Richard is a founding member of the Project Haystack 501C corporation and a member of the board of directors. As an early contributor to project-haystack.org Richard was the author of the first Niagara AX semantic modelling implementation which has served as the basis for the current NHaystack implementation.

More Information/Haystack Connect 2015 Agenda:

Day 1 General Session, Opening Comments and Keynote Speakers: David Mantell, Vodafone and Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Intel.

Day 2 General Session, Multi-Vendor Demo and Keynote Speakers: Jack McGowan, The McGowan Group and Peter Kelly
Detwiler, NorthBridge Energy Partners.