Honeywell Paperless Recorders

Honeywell offers Trendview data recorders and an advanced analysis software suite to meet data recording needs. Three models are available with screen types that display various combinations of horizontal and vertical charts, digital values and bar graphs. The recorders feature a color display which ranges in size from 5.7” to 12.1” and supports 3 to 48 inputs, making the products ideal for plant managers, engineers, maintenance managers, quatrendview_v5_recorderlity control personnel, and operators. These recorders characterize analog inputs collected from various devices, and then digitize them internally using a converter. The data is made available using various communications protocols for real-time and FTP uploads using the Honeywell TrendServer Software. Advanced features like patented Fuzzy Logging increase the amount of representative data stored in the memory.

To complement the recorders, Honeywell offers the TrendManager Software Suite. This package of tools helps in graphing continuous and batch data, analyzing and archiving data, configuring the paperless recorders, setting up scheduled uploads of recorder data or acquiring data in real-time and exporting this to other software packages such as Excel. The software suite includes TrendViewer Pro, TrendManager Pro, TrendServer Pro, TrendServer Pro with an OPC Server, and a database management tool.

Belimo SY Actuator for Butterfly Valves

Belimo’s SY Series actuators were designed to work with their butterfly valves and other quarter turn valve applications.  The patentesy actuatord gear drive mechanism provides for efficient, smooth operation while allowing easy manual override at any time. All units have NEMA 4X ratings, and to make life a little easier, wiring diagrams are affixed to the outside of the housing on the permanently attached product label. Other features include:

  • Easily visible position indicators
  • International standard ISO5211 mounting systems
  • Internal thermal motor overload protection
  • Dual auxiliary Form C switches
  • Easily accessible wiring termination points

These actuators are great for new and retrofit HVAC and Industrial valve applications.  Belimo has excellent retrofit solutions for almost any existing valve type.  If you are in GA or FL contact Stromquist at 800-241-9471 for assistance with any of your Belimo needs. If you are outside of GA or FL, visit to find your area representative.

Doesn’t the Honeywell Delphi Boiler Control System Make Absolute Sense to You?

The Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel integrates flame safeguard control, fuel-air ratio control, O2 Trim, variable frequency drive (VFD) control, and proportional integral derivative (PID) control into a single, integrated, pre-wired panel with a PC touchscreen for easy, user-friendly commissioning. Honeywell

The 411 on Industrial Pressure and Temperature Regulators

Thanks to our friends at Lesman Instruments for this great training session on Industrial pressure regulators.Topics include: The regulator: A proportional controller, what to expect from a regulator, keys to proper regulator sizing, pressure reducing valves, Back pressure reducing valves, and temperature regulators. Speaker is Jordan Valves product manager, Harry Woebkenberg.

Steam Boilers: How to Do Three Level Drum Control

Great video from The Control Loop Foundation on three level drum control for boilers.

If you are located in Georgia, one of the industrial control pros at Stromquist & Company can help you with drum level control. If you are located in another part of the country or world just send your email address and location to or leave them in comments and we will make sure to get you to an authorized local distributor in your area.

Maxon’s RadMax Burners

Maxon’s RadMax™ Burners are designed to deliver uniform, high intensity radiant eredmaxnergy for moisture removal in textile and paper ovens, paint drying, and powder coating, as well as many pre-heat, plastic forming, heat treating and annealing operations.

Benefits of RadMax™ Burners

  • can economically increase production rates
  • reduce seconds and defects caused by improper or uneven heating or drying
  • reduce down time and maintenance costs when the need for service or repair arises
  • Durable, industrial-quality cast iron body construction with stainless steel tile retainers [Read more...]