New Power Meter from Dent Instruments

It has been said that you can’t control or manage what you don’t measure, and this is especially true when it comes to Smart Buildings and controlling energy. I had a chance to catch up with Tim Van Slambrouck from Dent Instruments at the 2015 CGNA (Controls Group North America) vendors showcase. Tim is the VP of sales and marketing at Dent, and shows us a very cost effective way to monitor power consumption. Check it out!

ControlTalk Now for Week Ending April 14, 2013

CTA Awards Steering Committee is the sponsor for this week’s ControlTalk NOW. The extraordinary BB King Blues Club will be the site of the 2013 ControlTrends Awards. Located in NYC’s Time Square, this famous venue promises to enhance the excitement and entertainment of the CTA’s.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls: See What’s Possible in Building Efficiency — The Boom Heard ‘Round the World.Technology [Read more…]

J2 Innovations FIN Builder: The Easy Way to Create a Central Plant Graphic

J2J2 Innovations FIN Builder Creates Fantastic User Experiences, Promotes Company Standards, Is Simple to Use, Saves Time and Money, and Visualizes Any Data Source. Within FIN Builder there is a special feature called central plant builder, this revolutionizes the way you build central plant graphics.

Traditionally 3D plant and piping graphics were only possible [Read more…]

Nest: Back in the News — Are We Still Waiting for Smart Thermostats to Outsmart Us?

The ControlTrends Community will soon be voting for the 2013 Thermostat of the Year. The Honeywell Prestige IAQ, Viconics, EnTouch, as well as the three other thermostats mentioned in the following article, Nest, Ecobee, and EcoFactor are all well recognized thermostats with an abundance of features and benefits.

I found this article written by Mary Catherine O’Connor posted in the Smart Planet Daily, which is a great source for Smart News and Ideas. Ms. O’Connor delivers a fresh, insightful, and big picture perspective, quite different from the traditional HVAC view, to the discussion of thermostats and the integral role the household thermostat will play in America’s, possibly, the world’s energy future.

Nest_AwayBy Mary Catherine O’Connor, April 11, 2013, 3:00 AM PDT

Americans are using less energy but are still failing to conserve energy.

That sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not. Because new homes are better insulated and heating and cooling system are more efficient, Americans burned around 10 percent fewer British thermal units to heat and cool their homes in 2009 than they did in 1993, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. But during that same period, the amount of energy consumed for appliances, electronics and lighting grew by around 10 percent. [Read more…]

The HVAC Time Machine: DGLux and SkySpark a New Approach to Building Graphics

The DGLux HVAC Time Machine SkySpark is high-end visualization graphic user interface that zeros in on an exact event allowing you to understand why an event occurred and easily prevent its reoccurrence. One week of data can be scanned in minutes and combined with SkySpark Analytics, which automatically finds patterns and faults (Sparks) as they are run against “your rules” of collecting data make it this simple: Click on a Spark and the DGLux HVAC Time Machine instantly redirects you to the precise time frame when your issue occurred providing you with the actionable knowledge you need to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

More on Honeywell’s CAC – Fast Track Project Management Tool

Honeywell 180x120From estimation to installation, Honeywell’s new Fast Track program helps you keep projects on time and under budget. This easy-to-use project management and product configuration tool can help you turn estimates into orders while reducing application engineering, delivery and installation time.

Move over Nest: The Redesigned Honeywell Prestige Thermostat Redefines Cool

The new Honeywell Prestige IAQ is a thermostat with Brains and Beauty, and with a host of wireless accessories, the Prestige offers one sleek solution to solve comfort problems and drive revenue! Will Nest, can Nest, answer the competitive bell and rise to the challenge? The Prestige is a tour de force featuring elegant engineering and Nouveau Décor. Without a response from Nest, it appears Honeywell will take command of one of the largest and most lucrative markets in the HVAC industry.

Even the high-end DIY’s will reconsider once they give the Prestige IAQ a good once over. With fan control and the [Read more…]

See The New Nest Programmable Thermostat Installation in Atlanta

In part one of my two part interview with Moncrief’s Phil Mutz, we discuss programmable thermostats. To the best of my knowledge, Phil is the first person in Atlanta to install the new NEST Programmable Thermostat.

I was blown away by the new NEST thermostat. With the exception of one possible flaw, which is easily corrected ( call me Tony Fadell ), [Read more…]