Category: RealComm IBcon 2015

RealComm Out of the Trenches March 2016

Want to find out what the thought leaders in Smart Buildings Real Estate are thinking? You have to check out RealComm IBCon! As they prepare

Ed Merwin at 2015 Realcomm|IBcon

Young gun, Rob Allen, caught up with “The Godfather” ( yes, he will make you an offer you can’t refuse), Ed Merwin, at the 2015

Watch the 2015 Real Comm IBcon General Session!

If you didn’t get to 2015 RealComm|IBcon in San Antonio — and you missed out on the incredible 2-day visionary voyage of Real Change –

Conference Live: John Petze at 2015 Realcomm|IBcon

I had a chance to catch up with Sky Foundry’s John Petze at the 2015 Realcomm|IBcon conference in San Antonio. Key interview take-aways are that

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