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Ok Hollywood step down, Stromquist and Company is going to show you what real Transformers are all about!

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Learn about RIBs and Half-Lights

Functional Devices, makers of the RIB (relay in a box), will be at Stromquist on Thursday, February 24 to conduct a lunch and learn.  If

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Solenoid Valve Basics

In just about every application where the flow of air, water, oil, gas, or any other fluid needs to be stopped or started a solenoid

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Not Just the Hard to Find Parts

Many people think of Stromquist when it comes to buying those “hard to find” parts — the old or obsolete parts or those that just

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Energy Saving Timers

Everyone is looking for simple and inexpensive ways to save energy and money.  Here’s a thought to consider:  hot water heater timers.  Intermatic’s WH Series

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Sequencing a RIB

Over the years sequencing different stages for compressors, staged electric heat strips, actuators, pumps, and various lighting applications has not been the easiest job for the mechanic.

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