DGLogik’s Latest Feature Release: Dataflow – Modern Visual Programming for Building Automation

DataFlow_graphic_2San Francisco – March 7, 2014 — DGLogik is excited to announce the addition of a revolutionary feature called Dataflow, to our 2013 award winning product – DGBox.

With Dataflow, DGBox users now have the ability to create logic sequences within a modern, visual programming UI. Connect and command all devices, objects and operations as “smart blocks” with inputs and outputs…without having to write any script! The arrival of this beautiful, graphical user interface provides a true drag and drop environment to create logic for device interactions. This simple, yet powerful technology changes the way facility managers and engineers commission and control their building’s devices.

Visual programming isn’t the only benefit of Dataflow. Dataflow also gives you and your fellow engineers the ability to simultaneously architect, command, and create logic among your devices in a single environment. Traditionally, a single programmer writes a piece of code, tests the code and repeats. Now multiple users can simultaneously create logic, architect, code and command all data source points, LIVE, via multiple computers, in real time. Realize the savings in time and money with Dataflow!

Easier than ever, DGLogik is providing simple, easy-to-use, matchmaking technology for your devices. We’re just another step ahead.


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