Tridium Talk: The R2 Platform is Going Away

That’s right Tridium is phasing out the R2 platform, in fact you won’t be able to get it by 2015. No problems, check out this re broadcast of Tridium Talk and find out everything you need to know to upgrade to the new AX platform.


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  1. Hello,
    I am a bolier operator for a High School in Dearborn Heights MI. A few years ago we started using Tridium. What I would like to know is there some place I can purchase manuals to be better versed on this system. I can log on and adjust cetain values but not all. I really hate the feeling of not totally understanding a system that is so critical to my building and the rest of the buildings in my district. Schools in my state have really taken a fiscal beating and I would like to be able to provide my district with the most support possible.
    Thanks, John S. Zarycki

  2. After that you might want to put the original sticky key file back in its place.
    Upon booting up, Windows will create a boot log of the start up process that
    can help you diagnose where you computer has gone wrong.

    I told you – create a D:\Temp folder and you should be OK.

  3. I have been hired here as the “HVAC Controls guy”, and am the proud new inheritor of a dual system, part R2, part AX. If there was ever documentation for either Tridium system, it is long gone. I have been unable to find documentation online.

    They tell me that the R2 is going away, and when I ask when, the answer is “real soon”. In the meantime, in between time, I still have to service the R2 platform. That includes things like modifying graphics (which I’ve learned to do on both AX and R2), and creating and displaying trends (which I have not learned on either). Do you have anything in your archives you can send me to get me up to speed on this? I’m a fifteen-year veteran of the controls trade (Siemens, Andover, and some Johnson Controls), but this stuff is so different from everything else I’ve worked on it’s nearly incomprehensible.

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