Episode 8: The Next Generation Innovation Podcast

EPISODE 8  –  Special Thanks and Lessons Learned from Host, Aaron.

Recorded from a beach in Ixtapa, Mexico; Aaron introduces his wife, Charlotte … Covering Company Culture and sharing a couple of key lessons for Young Guns.  Also communicating some reflection lessons that are valuable to Young Guns as well as expecting our first-Education-Centred episode with Conestoga College in Cambridge, ON for a future episode.

NGI announces a new co-host: fellow Young Gun; Brent Burrows from Entek.  He started his first podcast with Eric on the ControlTalkNOW this week; we look forward to getting Brent rocking!

Finally, Aaron’s first-ever-recording of Next Generation Innovation (and first-ever podcast) … It’s an off-the-cuff,  Thank You to all the key industry people that have been a part of building the ANT Colony over the past three years (since 2015) … Pay close attention; many of you are likely to hear your names  : )    This one is a little embarrassing, but you can see where we were headed … Adam Gorka is featured on background guitar.

As the final Episode pre-new-co-host … This is a great closure to a brief solo chapter in Next Generation Innovation.



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