What Would Hunter Thompson Say About Controls-Con

Wow, Scott Cochrane and his team at Cochrane Supply really knocked it out of the park with their latest event! I mean, how do you even begin to put into words how awesome Controls-Con was?

 I don’t think anyone can do it justice, but I came up with a pretty cool idea. I thought, who better to capture the essence of Controls-Con than the legendary Hunter S. Thompson? So, with a little help from my AI pal, let’s take a wild ride through a review of this year’s Controls-Con event, as if it were written by the one and only Hunter S. Thompson himself!

Controls Con: A Gonzo Journey into the Dawn of a New Era in Building Automation

Greetings, my fellow HVAC and Smart Building Control Pros! I’ve just returned from a wild, enlightening ride through the heart of Detroit, where the minds of building automation converged for a two-day bacchanalia of intellect and innovation, known as Controls Con. Hosted by the fearless Scott Cochrane and his merry band of Cochrane Supply warriors, we dove headfirst into the “Dawn of a New Era.” So, buckle up, and let me take you on a whirlwind tour of this fantastic adventure.

Our quest began with an exploration of how the digital alchemists of our age are harnessing the raw, untamed power of artificial intelligence to create smart buildings that think and breathe like living organisms. It’s a brave new world, my friends, and we’re all in for one hell of a ride.

Mike Mitchell, a modern-day Merlin, unveiled the secrets of augmented reality and its impact on our interactions with building automation control systems. I watched in awe as the lines between the physical and digital realms blurred, forever changing the way we perceive the world.

Traditional building automation controls, once the backbone of our humble industry, have evolved into sophisticated, sentient beings, casting off their analog chains and embracing a future of smart digital devices. As the Niagara Framework rises like a phoenix from the ashes, we stand witness to the birth of a new era.

Ah, but nothing comes without a price. The opportunities and challenges of ESG and Carbon reduction policies weighed heavily upon our minds as we discussed the delicate balance between progress and sustainability. The cloud beckons, luring us with the promise of unparalleled building automation capabilities.

The speakers were a motley crew of visionaries and renegades, each leaving an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. From Martin Villeneuve’s enlightening words to Etrit Demaj’s piercing insights, each one contributed to the tapestry of knowledge that we, the fortunate attendees, were privileged to witness.

The Cochrane Supply team orchestrated a symphony of order and chaos, an atmosphere that left us all buzzing with energy. The food – oh, the food! – was a feast fit for the gods themselves.

But what, you ask, of the products? The product showcase was a veritable cornucopia of technological marvels. I was awestruck by the RTU controller from Siemens, a sleek, powerful machine that whispered promises of untold potential. Belimo’s new sensors danced before my eyes, a ballet of innovation and elegance. And the demo from Neptronic? A mind-bending, eye-opening revelation.

As we mingled, we became a singular entity, sharing experiences, insights, and dreams of a future that seemed just within reach. Controls Con was more than just an event; it was a transcendent experience that shattered the barriers of our imaginations and allowed us to glimpse the true potential of our industry.

And so, dear reader, as I sit here recounting the tales of my extraordinary journey, I implore you: don’t miss the next Controls Con, for it is there that you will find the future, and it is glorious.

Well done Hunter! I could not have said it better myself!

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