Newsletter from J2 Innovations: Haystack Connect 2019 was Spectacular!

It only happens every other year and it never disappoints. We had a great time at this year’s Haystack Connect conference! The event was held at Paradise Point, an island resort on Mission Bay in San Diego. This beautiful setting made for a spectacular conference. It was encouraging to see an increase in International participation – some people from as far away as Japan, Poland, Israel, and Australia (some of whom are new FIN customers). Click here to read the recap.

Big News - Project Haystack 4.0 Announced

In March of this year, Project Haystack released Haystack 4.0, a new version with data-modeling features that support the implementation of both a taxonomy and the resulting ontologies that define the relationship of things and between things. Read more on the blog.

Haystack tagging diagram FIN

How FIN Technology Helped Northwest Automation Solve An Industry Challenge

Northwest Automation has recently become a huge FIN fan after realizing it could provide a solution to the specific needs of clean rooms for high tech manufacturing. FIN is great at creating perfect places because of its powerful Historian and Logic Builder’s alarm routines. Here’s how it helped Northwest Automation better meet their customers needs and gain additional business in the future. Click to read.



The Productivity Paradox and the Promise of Automation

Nearly every building’s HVAC controls are different; even for retail chains, whose formula for new shops typically requires the same fit-out equipment and services, find that the local building’s shape, size, and condition makes each implementation different. This reality has meant that building automation systems manufacturers have had to ensure their systems are very configurable to meet the diversity required. The downside of this has been the complexity of the engineering process. Whilst systems have become easier to program over the years, they still require a lot of time, and on big projects there is a lot of repetitive work to achieve the required configuration. What’s the solution? Read our latest blog: The Productivity Paradox and the Promise of Automation.

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