Enerliance’s LOBOS Leads the Way — Ray Pustinger at IBCON 2013

Enerliance was founded by two building controls experts, Scot Duncan, P.E. and Bob Johnson. Before founding Enerliance, Scot and Bob spent 30 years working together manually optimizing the performance of some of California’s premier real estate facilities. Enerliance was founded in 2005 with a single goal, bringing the concepts behind LOBOS (see below) to market. Since then, LOBOS systems have been installed in buildings in Southern California and beyond, delivering proven, verifiable results in every case.

lobos_boxLOBOS is a small box that interacts with a building’s existing management system. Once it’s installed and communicating with the HVAC components of the building, it goes to work making things run more efficiently, improving comfort, responding to demand response events and making sure that everything’s working properly. As a result, the people in the building are more comfortable while the building uses less energy, and the smart grid gets smarter


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