ControlTalk Now — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for Week Ending October 4, 2015

ControlTalk Now, the Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending October 4, 2015. It has been another amazing week on the go — with continuing coverage of the EasyIO Global Partner Event with prophesying interviews from Mike Marston and Johan Schakenraad (EasyIO Global), Scott Muench (J2 and EasyStack) and Terry Casey (Intellastar), while Rob Allen and Michael Bonner interview Larry Weber at the Honeywell Momentum 2015, and then hop over to the KMC distributor meeting. More Cyber Security updates from Pablos Holman and Fred Gordy, and Siemens adds additional competitive room controllers to it’s commercial product portfolio; and DGLogik take DGLux5 training to Michigan at Cochrane Supply.

KeyHacker Skills: How to get free Movies in Your Hotel Room. Ken Smyers, Fred Gordy and I talk a lot about how hackers use vunerablities in BAS systems to get into places they should not. Pablos Holman shows us just how unsafe your wireless and other technologies are. From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and “secure” credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire, Pablos Holman, shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable.

RDG SeriesSiemens Fan Coil Stats – Out with the Old and In with the New. Siemens’ RAA and RAB series of fan coil thermostats are now obsolete and being replaced by the RDG series room thermostats. They cover a wide range of commercial HVAC applications from roof top units and heat pumps to VAV/CAV control. Ideally suited for light commercial installations such as retail, hospitality, light healthcare and small commercial buildings, they are easy to install and commission.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.54.53 AMRenaissance of Building Automation Control — Global EasyIO Partner Event Begins Today in Paris. For those vendors and systems integrators gathering today at the Global EasyIO Partner Event — from six continents, buildings are the common currency and EasyIO is the common language spoken. Featuring the release of EasyStack, the enhanced FG-32+ controller, the possibilities of the Belimo MP Bus Gateway, and a myriad of new vendor applications, EasyIO now provides a greater range of solutions for the underserved global markets, where an estimated 70% of the world’s buildings still lack edge technology and control.

Mike MBuilding Automation Controls Renaissance Man Mike Marston at the EasyIO World Event. Ken got a chance to catch up with Mike Marston at the EASYIO World Event. Mike gives us an update on the role EASYIO and their partners are playing in the Building Automation and Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.03.06 PMGlobal EasyIO Partner Event 2015 — Day 2 Highlights. Day 2 began with a hearty welcome from Bullzevents’ Guido Van Erp and the yearly sales and marketing review from Johan Schakenraad, CEO, EasyIO Europe, who summarized EasyIO’s impressive growth with the words “EasyIO FG-32… To use it, is to love it.” Day 2 resumed with a series of product and solution presentations beginning with Yanis Cottard of NODON, followed by updates on the EasyIO EnOcean driver, the enhanced CPT Tool with new widget features.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.16.52 AMEasyIO, Renaissance, and Terry Casey’s Eloquent Interview: Building IoT Explained. On Day 2, at the EasyIO vendor show, the Renaissance continued as ControlTrends had the opportunity to interview one of the most venerated members of the building management industry, Mr. Terry Casey, of Intellastar. Terry began his prolific journey as CEO and founder of Trend, still a premiere DDC line in England, and by serving as President/CEO of Tridium Europe. His professorial explanation of what he terms, the “Building Internet of Things” and its underlying stack technology, represent a significant departure from the rather status quo of the past 25 years.

The-Evolution-of-IotWe Were IoT Before IoT Was Cool. (originally posted on – link to article) Open Source, Plug & Play, IoT, and an Automagically Connected Home, these are terms we hear all the time. But what do they really mean? And more importantly, what do they mean to the Integrator community? The connected buildings and devices that can be accessed via the web are not new. Integrators have been doing this for years. Most of the public didn’t know how, or really care how HVAC, lighting, access control, elevators, parking garages, etc. were controlled in the building they worked. This was all done “behind the curtain” and as long as they were comfortable, they didn’t even think about it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.33.25 PMCalling All Building Systems Integrators! DGLux5 Training Oct. 7-9, 2015. Powerful, full-featured data visualization tools are paramount to properly utilize building systems data as an asset. And DGLux5 has proven to be the preferred application development platform with exceptional toolsets that will take your customers’ building performance data to the highest level. So, join us for DGLux5 training, become DG Certified and take your customers’ data to the next level!

ScottJ2 Innovations Announcement Contributes to The Smart Building Control Renaissance. J2 Innovations makes a huge announcement at the EASY IO Global Conference in Paris. Scott Muench delighted systems integrators around the world with his demo of the new EasyStack. As Scott, explains in the video, Easy Stack combines the power of EasyIO controllers with the flexibility of the J2 Innovations platform to give a powerful solution to the Smart Buildings and Building Automation Controls community. Watch the video to learn more about the features and power of EasyStack.

F!EasyIO’s Role in the Smart Building Control Renaissance. Are we in the midst of a Smart Building and Building Automation Controls Renaissance? With the advent of Haystack Connect, Niagara 4, HTML5, building analytics, the race to the small space, and many other trends that we track on ControlTrends, we think we are at the tipping point of Smart Building and Building Automation Controls Renaissance.

Honeywell Momentum Update: Larry Weber on Honeywell’s Race to The Small Space.Larry W Our Rob Allen was in attendance at the 2015 Honeywell Momentum Conference. In addition to taking in all the great information for the Buildings Automation Group at Stromquist & Company, Rob covered the Conference for the ControlTrends Community. In Rob’s first update, he tracks down Larry Weber. Larry is the General Manager for the Honeywell Buildings Control Systems Brand. In addition to being a nice guy, he is usually the brightest person in the room.

Rob and MikeKMC Controls Conference: Day One Recap. Our Rob Allen and Michael Bonner are in San Antonio this week at the KMC Controls Conference. Rob and Mike give is the highlights from day one of the KMC Controls Event. KMC, in conjunction with Intel and Dell are ensuring that Internet Technology and Operational Technology are playing nice together eliminating internet gateway issue. Great job guys!


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