How to Make Sure Your Controls Customer Doesn’t Screw Up Your Perfect Job

Sometimes Simple is better.....

HVAC Tech School: How to Keep Your Customer From Screwing Up Your Job.

How many times have you installed the perfect controls job, something you were super proud of, everything worked and your customer was not happy?

It happens more than you think.

With all the great technological advancements in HVAC and Smart Building Controls, we can sometimes over deliver and give our customers a system that is beyond their technical comfort level. So how do you avoid this? Glad you asked! In this HVAC Tech Tip from HVAC Control Pro Brent Burrows, he gives you some simple but effective steps to take to make sure you and your customer are both happy with your hard work.

As Ben Frankin once said. ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

A very special thanks to Brent Burrows for sharing some great Knowledge. He is in Atlanta and the name of his company is Entek, check him out.

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