Eric’s Favorite Video Of The Week: Is Money Becoming Obsolete?

Ok, so this week’s video of the week is a little out there, but it was so interesting that I decided to post it anyway. Be forewarned, if you are offended by profanity, steer clear of this video!

If you are like me, the movie Wall Street, the 1980’s version, is one of your favorite movies. Brian’s guest, Max Keiser, lived in that world at the same time Gordon Geko, Michael Douglas’s character, in the movie Wall Street, was saying things like “lunch is for whimps” and “money never sleeps”. Could Douglas’s character be based in part on Max Keiser? Watch this interview and let me know your thoughts in comments.

The big topic revolves around money becoming obsolete. Max explains the genesis and implications of the digital currency Bitcoin,and how this already becoming the way many people and organizations are paying for goods and services. This could be a very important trend for all of us to watch.

Max also explains why The Federal Reserve and the banking system should apologise to the people for manipulating interest rates, how Warren Buffett is complicit in the Mexican drug trade by purchasing Wells Fargo, and Max’s crazy times in the 1980s as a New York City stockbroker by day and punk-rock party animal by night.

Check it out and let me know what you think in comments.


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