Best Thermostat for Portable Classrooms: How to Install the EnTouch Wireless Thermostat

Stromquist & Company’s own Dozier Mills shows how easy it is to install an EnTouch Wireless thermostat. Entouch, although not well known yet, is one of the coolest wireless thermostats we have seen. The EnTouch thermostat allows energy monitoring by adding remote current transducers, making the EnTouch perfect for light commercial applications such as restaurants and portable classrooms.

The EnTouch is a finalist for the ControlTrends Awards 2012 Thermostat of the Year. Be sure to register to vote.


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  1. I hope you enjoy my install video of the Entouch WiFi Thermostat. I forgot to show you the Weather section that gives me a 5 day forecast. The front display shows me the outside temperature. So when I get up in the morning I can see how cold it is outside without opening the door. My Wife loves the new thermostat because she can login with her IPad to change the temperature. For the guys you can lock the stat with a pass-code. But being good husband, I would advise against that. I like that I can see the voltage and how much energy in KW that my A/C uses. If you have any question. Please reply. Thank you

  2. Hi Tom, tell me where you are located and I will get a local distributor to quote you.
    Thanks, Eric

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