EasyIO Update: Free Alarm Plugin (AlarmDB) for F-series Controllers from Andrius Jasiulionis

BAS professional Andrius Jasiulionis recently released an alarm management plugin for the EasyIO FG+, FS and FW controllers. AlarmDB extends the functionality of these controllers, has many great functions, is easy to use and free to download.

The Sedona Kit made for the F-series controllers lets you push alarms to server(s) directly from your programming app locally, or across the IP network. You can use CPT Tools to use AlarmDB, so there’s no need to learn a new tool.

The AlarmDB plugin project is a branch of the original AlarmDB project which was ported to EasyIO controllers, so the FG and FS can act as AlarmDB servers/clients and FW controllers can be clients only.

Be sure to check out how the AlarmDB plugin works by clicking this link and reading the manual. You can also download the plugin there. And don’t forget to give the developer some feedback.

We are very happy with people like Andrius, who are developing plugins to use in our controllers. Thank you Andrius!


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