Honeywell WEB-8000 Controller is Now Available

WEB-8000_CONTROLLERHoneywell is pleased to introduce the WEB-8000 controller supported by the WEBs-N4.1 software. This next generation controller features a new design and the ability to scale for future needs. The WEB-8000 series controllers are easy to install and expand due to its flexible capacitive licensing. This controller is very secure as all data is encrypted, including the data stored in the microSD cards.

Key Features of the WEB-8000 Controller:
1GHz processor with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB Flash storage, faster and more space
USB Flash drive helps in backup and storage of stations
Flexible capacitive licensing allows for competitive pricing
Part numbers based on Devices & Points instead of resources
All licenses and stations are stored on microSD card, which makes it easy to replace bad hardware controllers
Includes standard drivers (BACnet, LON, Modbus, SNMP and KNX)
Includes WiFi connectivity, can be used as an Access Point or a Client

Value Propositions for Contractors/Integrators:
Hot pluggable expansion modules (LON, BACnet)
Tools are not required to install the controller
Improved DIN rail clip
Flexible capacitive licensing allows for competitive pricing
Less inventory to stock as capacity is via licensing

Value Propositions for End Users:
Highly secure controllers as all data is encrypted
Easy to scale and upgrade the capacity via licensing, without giving up more real estate
The controller can be used as WiFi access point or as a Client
All software and security updates are included with the software maintenance agreement


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