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SEC-JACE-616In this Bulletin: Exchange a SEC-H-201/U security controller for an SEC-H-602 security controller at a reduced price.

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WEBs-AX Enterprise Security Controller 201 Exchange Program

The SEC-H-201/U WEBs-AX Security controller was introduced in 2007. At the time, this platform was a good product on which to deliver the original stand-alone Web-Based security application. However, over time the security application has grown in both features and complexity and the SEC-H-201/U is no longer suitable to run the latest WEBs-AX Enterprise Security application.

An exchange program has been created to allow customers that purchased an SEC-H-201/U security controller the opportunity to exchange them for an SEC-H-602 security controller at a reduced price vs. purchasing a new SEC-H-602 security controller.

All SEC-H-201/U security controllers that are licensed for WEBs-AX Enterprise Security 2.2 qualify for the replacement program. If the SEC-H-201/U is not licensed for WEBs-AX Security 2.2, the revision upgrade part will need to be ordered as well (SEC-H-J-REV/U). All replacement SEC-H-602 controllers purchased as a part of the exchange program will be licensed for 16 readers.

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This exchange program will be offered through December 31, 2015.
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One Response

  1. Thank you ken for getting he word out that we listened and responded to our customers.
    Our customers have told us they want a security integration platform hat starts as a two door controller with the ala’ carte’ licensing structure that provides a path to grow the system to an enterprise level solution.

    Today we have a startup low cost 602 Jace controller that reader pack licensing can be added in increments thus providing a “right sizing solution without buying more licensing than you need.

    One may grow this as big as needed thru licensing for Building automation, video and intrusion on one seamless platform.

    You also have the option of selecting a 16 reader Jaces right from the start- all about right sizing the project.

    This provides what I call “future proofing design” that’s open and flexible.

    Look for more exciting enhancements as we prepare to move WEBs security to the Niagara 4 platform.

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