Thermokon’s eBox EnOcean to BACnet Gateway — 902 MHz for North America

TK_ebox2Bridging the Wired to Wireless Gap: The eBox allows facility managers, contractors and OEM manufacturers the ability to integrate EnOcean wireless solutions to wired building automation systems that utilizes the BACnet building automation protocol. The eBox represents a new and significant market opportunity, offering solutions to once costly and complicated applications. Thermokon’s eBox 902 MHz frequency for North America offers longer range, robust performance, and easier product design.

How it Works: The eBox is a plug and play device that requires no scripting and no programming. The device “listens” to EnOcean wireless devices in a space and translates these incoming messages automatically into BACnet IP objects. The information gathered through the wireless devices can then be utilized in the building automation system and applied for greater efficiency in the operations of the building. The eBox supports every existing EnOcean product and all existing EnOcean profiles. Future products and profiles are automatically added through web update.

Seamless, yet Customizable: The beauty and benefit of the eBox design is that it is meant to work without any scripting necessary. This doesn’t mean, however, that it isn’t customizable. Customers wanting to modify the existing set up or customize the eBox based on end user specifications are able to utilize the XML based programming interface to change the way EnOcean products and profiles are displayed and structured.

Application Notes: The eBox supports control and gateway functionalities for any EnOcean sensor or switch associated with the monitoring or control of HVAC, lighting, plug loads and metering.

Technical Details:

The eBox is robust in functionality but simple to use. Some of the features of this innovative device are:
• Bidirectional
• Each eBox can “Listen” to an unlimited amount of EnOcean wireless devices
• Each eBox can “Speak” to 128 EnOcean wireless devices (limit is radio based)
• No programming
• No scripting
• Can be easily configured with Thermokon’s airConfig tool
• No software required
• No ongoing fees
• Each eBox covers approximately 5,000 square feet of radio range* (range depends on factors including building type, usage, and building materials)
• Plugs into Ethernet wiring
• Supports 315 MHZ, 868 MHZ or 902 MHZ

David Alliband,
Sales Manager, Thermokon
Phone: +1 612 987 3772
Skype: dalliband


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