ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending October 19, 2014

This Episode of ControlTalk NOW: The Smart Building Podcast includes:

ISA125 ControlTalk Now: The Smart Building Podcast October 19, 2014, is sponsored by International Systems of America (ISA). ISA is a unique systems provider, beginning with their ability to quickly deliver new parts for existing and legacy systems from virtually any manufacturer. “At ISA, we take great pride in our extensive product and service offerings for fire, energy, security and communication systems. And when ISA solutions come together to make a real difference for our customers—helping solve critical issues—we know our focus and dedication are paying off.”

Project HaystackProject Haystack Announces Haystack Connect 2015 Conference. This is THE EVENT that Connects Community and Ecosystem — Driving Smart Data, Smart Devices, Smart Buildings and Smart Business! COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO –October, 14, 2015 Project Haystack, a non-profit, 501C organization focused on developing common standards to streamline the interchange of data among today’s smart devices announced the dates and venue for the Haystack Connect 2015 conference.

RogerSee How Honeywell Integrates Access and Security. We caught up with the very knowledgable and passionate Roger Rebennack at the 2014 ASIS Show in Atlanta. See what makes the Honeywell Webs-AX Access and Security so special. From modular control to seamless integration, WEBs-AX Security offers a range of options for meeting the needs of nearly any size or type of building or network of facilities. WEBS-AX Security is open and scalable, offers complete, seamless integration, and it can provide you energy savings — that’s why you should want WEBS-AX Security in your building!

DOE1Building Energy Efficiency Frontiers and Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) – 2015 Funding Opportunity Announcement. The Building Technologies Office (BTO)’s Emerging Technologies Program has announced the availability of nearly $8 million under the Building Energy Efficiency Frontiers and Innovations Technologies (BENEFIT) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) DE-FOA-0001166. This FOA combines an early-stage research and development topic (Innovations) with a later-stage research and development topic (Frontiers) that complements the core funding provided to the national labs.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineCyber Security EYE-OPENER: Project SHINE Reveals Magnitude of Internet-connected Critical Control Systems. Cyber Security eye-opener article about Project SHINE that revealed that 2.2 million SCADA and BACnet devices were identified as being directly or indirectly exposed to hacking. In review of Rasshid’s article, Marc writes, “Project SHINE Reveals Magnitude of Internet-connected Critical Control Systems.

ics22014 ICS Cyber Security Conference October 20-23, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. As the longest-running cyber security-focused conference for the industrial control systems sector, the 2014 ICS Conference will cater to the energy, utility, chemical, transportation, manufacturing, and other industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. The conference will address topics covering ICSs, including protection for SCADA systems, plant control systems, engineering workstations, substation equipment, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other field control system devices.

KenSinclair+IBconInterview with Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair, who reviews Automated Diagnostics & Analytics for Buildings, the theme of the October issue, stemming from the recently published book by the same title. Ken covers a myriad of topics including the founder mentality, Automated Buildings’ four training sessions at AHR 2015, and the increasingly critical theme of IoT and developing the next generation of building automation experts and “passing the dusty stuff in our heads” off to the up and coming Young Guns of the HVAC industry. provides news, product releases and connection to the ever changing community that is creating our present definition of smart, intelligent, integrated, connected, green, and converged large buildings.

CS_GCV2GC Valves — Solenoid Valve TechTip: Sensible Precautions (Part 1): MECHANICAL & MATERIALS CONSIDERATIONS: Solenoid valves are your fastest acting option when controlling flow, they can be repaired in-line (without breaking plumbing connections in most designs), and they can be less costly than other electrically operated valves. Review the measures that can increase your satisfaction with solenoid valves.

IndiaControlTrends Around the World: India. Do you want to know what it takes to be a successful building automation controls system integrator or smart buildings controls provider in India? India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for building automation and smart building controls and we had a chance to talk with the top movers and shakers in this expansive market.

RobRob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: Neptronic’s EVC Controller — Low Cost, High Performance VAV. This ultra-informative episode of Rob Allen’s 7 Minute in Control reviews the Neptronic EVC Conroller. Neptronic offers an exceptional low cost, high performance stand-alone or BACnet MS/TP, VAV solution — that works! The EVC products are geared for the Light Commercial Contractor, DDC Controls Contractors, and the savvy end-user customer. NO sign-up fees, NO sales minimums, and NO training requirements, Neptronic’s VAV low cost solution features easy to configure, drop-down menu programming.


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